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A Special Afternoon

At the vipp Concept store

See you at the Vipp Concept Store, Ny Østergade 34, 1101 Copenhagen.

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A Vipp kitchen for your bin

Q&A with Morten Bo Jensen

With 75 years of experience in working with steel, rubber and functional design, Vipp has made a kitchen built upon the same principles as the classic Vipp pedal bin from 1939.

He has a firm belief in less but better products. Industrial designer, Morten Bo Jensen, explains the motivation for upscaling Vipp’s series of functional tools with a kitchen that matches your Vipp bin.

As bin-makers, why design a kitchen?
We come from a tradition of working with steel and rubber that started 75 years ago with the Vipp bin. Since 1939, we gained lots of experience with various product designs, but key for them all is the fact that the design-DNA of the bin is still the foundation of our work - whether it’s a suction hook or a kitchen. Every Vipp product – or tool as we call them – stems from industrial inspiration and a demand for function, lifelong quality and an intelligent way of processing materials. A Vipp kitchen was a big, but natural step for us.

What were the ideas behind the Vipp kitchen?
First of all it had to be in line with our DNA and philosophy meaning that it is conceived as a product rather than architect tailored inventory. Conceived in a trio of freestanding modules, the kitchen concept is reflected in every detail right down to the knobs on the gas cooker, the grips and the pull-out spray on the faucet. Secondly, believing in only one product in each category, we had to exert ourselves and seek the best functional solutions in every detail. Because we are not going to make a ‘version 2.0’.

Due to our roots in the professional business, our ambition is to bring ideas from the professional market into the private homes. We talked with chefs about their needs and found out that the industrial kitchen needs a steel table top for hot pots and pans. Furthermore, we put the kitchen on legs for easy access to the floor.

You refer to the kitchen as a tool. How’s that?
It’s a tool because it serves a purpose. It helps you to do things better and smarter in your everyday life. Furthermore, how many kitchens can you place exactly where you want to? Almost none. We decided to design a kitchen you can place in the room you find most suitable or exciting. The kitchen has freestanding modules - a Wall Module, Tall Module and a Kitchen Island. You can place them wherever you want. The modules are available in various sizes and can be assembled according to your individual wishes and requirements.

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X-RAY collection

by Aurélien Barbry

The X-RAY collection is on display until the end of 2014 in the Vipp Concept Store, Ny Østergade 34, 1101-Copenhagen.

“What hides inside a Vipp bin? My idea is to visualize what the eye discovers, if you look through Vipp products with the imaginary universe of x-rays and its particular aesthetic. Show me your trash and I will tell you who you are” – Aurélien Barbry  

Aurélien Barbry graduated with Honor from Ecole Camondo Paris as an industrial and interior designer. He started his career by working with architect Jean Nouvel. Since then Aurélien has worked on many exciting interior and design projects for various clients. Today he is based in Copenhagen.

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Making of...

Vipp ceramics

Anne-Mette Kissow, the designer of the ceramics, produced the first prototypes here in Copenhagen. However, the main production had to be set up in China, which proved to be quite a challenge, because of differences in humidity, water quality and the composition of the raw materials.

It took a lot of research finding the right manufacturer and the right balance of ingredients, to achieve the quality standards we were looking for.
Today, Vipp ceramics are hand made by skilled artisans in a small family owned workshop located halfway between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

On the images below you see how the ceramics are glazed on the inside and water polished by hand on the outside. Each piece is a result of a thorough process from which it obtains a soft surface with a matte look.

Available here

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Making of...

Miniature pedal bin

Vipp is re-launching the miniature model of Holger Nielsen's original Vipp15 pedal bin that despite its shortcomings in size (6 x 10 cm) remains fully functional.

While built in scale 1:5 the miniature Vipp has a an operational pedal and remains true to the design of the full size bin – both in proportions and choice of materials; stainless steel and rubber.

It takes a lot of craftmanship to built these small bins - and it actually takes more time to built a mini than an ordninary bin. Here you get a glimpse of how it is made.

Available here 

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Jobopslag: AD Assistent

20 timer per uge

Vi leder efter en dygtig AD Assistent med en super æstetisk sans og en god forståelse for kommunikation såvel som god kommerciel indsigt. Stillingen ønskes besat hurtigst muligt.

Om stillingen

Du bliver en del af Vipps PR-team på fire personer, der har travlt med at udbrede kendskabet til vores spændende produkter på mere end 20 markeder. Vi er et ungt og innovativt team, der har brug for ekstra ressourcer. Du kan blive en af drivkræfterne bag udviklingen og eksekveringen af Vipps designudtryk, hvilket indebærer alt fra idé- og konceptudvikling til eksekvering på tværs af flere medier: web, trykt katalog, online pressemeddelelser, salgsmateriale, emballage mv. Du får stor grad af frihed og ansvar kombineret med kompetent sparring fra dine kollegaer. Du vil referere direkte til vores Art Director.

Om dig

- Du er formentlig studerende på Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole eller lignende.
- Du er superbruger i Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop og InDesign.
- Du har kendskab til webrelaterede medier.
- Du har et godt kendskab til tryksagsproduktion og en god forståelse for forhandling af priser.
- Du har en æstetik som matcher vores.
- Du arbejder selvstændigt, effektivt og struktureret.
- Du har kommerciel forståelse.
- Du er kreativ, iderig og initiativrig.
- Du er engageret, fleksibel, humoristisk og ansvarsbevidst.
- Du har store ambitioner på egne og firmaets vegne.

Vi tilbyder

- et spændende job med stort potentiale.
- et idérigt og ambitiøst team.
- en uformel omgangstone, humor og kreativitet.
- et fleksibelt arbejde

Lyder dette som noget for dig, hører vi meget gerne fra dig. Send din ansøgning, CV samt portfolio (max 5MB) til Maria Thind på snarest. Har du spørgsmål til stillingen, er du velkommen til at kon­takte Art Director Line Øhlenschlæger på Vi har ikke sat nogen ansøgningsfrist. Vi tager kandidater ind løbende til samtale og stopper så snart, vi har fundet den rette medarbejder.

Tiltrædelse hurtigst muligt.

Om Vipp

Historien om Vipp tager sin begyndelse i 1939, hvor den danske metaldrejer Holger Nielsen skaber den første Vipp spand til sin kones frisørsalon. I dag har spanden vundet anerkendelse som et internationalt designikon og er bl.a. optaget i arkitektur- og designkollektionen på The Museum of Modern Art i New York. Firmaet Vipp har også udviklet sig og tilbyder nu en stærk kollektion af produkter til badeværelset og køkkenet, som sælges i førende designforretninger i mere end 20 lande. Vipp har åbnet sin første Concept Store i hjertet af København, hvorfra de helt nye køkken- og badmoduler sælges. Hovedkontoret er et nyrenoveret pakhus på Islands Brygge i København, som danner rammen for teamet på ca. 35 engagerede medarbejdere.

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A bin full of memories

The story of a 'Vipp'

In 1973 Gunvor Helberg took over a dental clinic including a Vipp bin from the 1930s. Today her daughter is the third the owner of the Vipp vintage pedal bin.

We often experience people having a special attachment to the old classic Vipp bin. We meet them when their bin needs a new pedal or when they simply stop by to tell us their story of when and how they got their first bin. It still amazes us how these people value the old Vipp tool. Furthermore, it proves that Holger Nielsen did something right, because the bins still open 75 years later.

However, even more exciting is it when we hear about a 'simple' bin that has been passed on from one generation to another. Gunvor Helberg's story is one of these. Her bin is now in the hands of the third generation and has become a symbol of good times and great memories.

"In 1973, I took over the dental clinic including funiture and a Vipp bin from a Mrs. Thomsen who estabilshed the clinic in the 30s. I renovated the clinic, but kept the Vipp bin because it represented a bygone era and was beautiful. I have always liked this bin. And as the years went by, I found out that the bin was something very special. Today, when I see the bin at my daughter's place it reminds me of my clinc and great work life."

Stop by the Vipp Flagship Store to see the old bins and get their stories.

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Vipp Vintage Bins

75th anniversary exhibition

This year the Vipp bin celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark this milestone we searched for models of the very first bins that left the factory back in 1939.

And our search was successful! We got in touch with five owners of vintage bins each of them telling a heartwarming story filled with memories from past decades. We are very grateful that this exhibition became a reality and hope that you will enjoy the presence of history in our store. 

The exhibition runs until the 9th of October in the Vipp Flagship Store located in Ny Østergade 34, Copenhagen.
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 11-18, Saturday: 11-16

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Sandra Dovalo, the lucky winner of the ‪#‎VIPPpride selfie-competition. A Vipp15 pedal bin is on the way.

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Trash your prejudice!

Selfie Memories from a couple of fun and prejudice trashing days during Copenhagen Pride. Thank you all for supporting the message.

Find all selfies here

Later today we will find the winning #VIPPpride selfie.

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Greetings from Austria

Wiener Wohnsinn

On her blog "Wiener Wohnsinn" Melanie Nedelko from Vienna shares her love for food, interiors and crafts.

This morning we found our ceramics beautifully styled for a healthy brunch. Enjoy!

For more inspiration visit Wiener Wohnsinn

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Trash your prejudice!

To support equal rights for all Vipp has created a giant bin dressed in rainbow colours encouraging everybody to trash their prejudice during the Copenhagen Pride taking place from august 27th- 30th.

So if you are in Copenhagen during the pride, go and make your statement at the City Hall Square.

Here you are invited to take a selfie with the bin and enter the competition to win an original Vipp15 bin by uploading your image tagged with #VIPPpride on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Good luck and happy pride!

Megabin Facts
Scale: 1:8
Materials: Solid stainless steel + rubber
Weight: 800 kg
Height: 2.5 m

The selfie competition ends when the Mega bin is removed from the City Hall Square on Sunday the 31st of August.
The winner will be found and contacted directely on Monday 1st of September. 

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Countdown to Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Starting tomorrow!

Copenhagen Pride begins tomorrow, so from August 27-30 the Vipp mega bin will shine in rainbow colours on the City Hall Square encouraging everyone to trash their prejudice.

Make a selfie with the bin, upload your image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #VIPPpride and join the competition to win a bin! Looking forward to seeing you – Happy Pride! 

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How it’s made.

Vipp441 Laundry basket

You might already have seen our laundry basket in a shop, at a friend’s place or maybe you own one yourself.

To give you a little insight into the production of the laundry basket, here are some snapshots from the latest trip to our factory in Latvia.

1. The production process starts with a flat sheet of stainless steel. Here it is cut into the right dimensions. 

2. The steel sheet is then rolled into a cylinder and welded by hand. A skilled craftsman can weld around 15 pieces an hour. 

3. The lid is made in no less than 17 work steps. Starting with a flat metal sheet it undergoes a number of deep-drawing, bending, sanding and polishing processes. Here the lid is drawn under 250 tons of pressure.

4. The lid features 1920 small perforations offer the functional benefit of ventilating the laundry. The perforations alone are made in 10 working steps with a specially designed tool.

5. The final product is ready to be shipped after 12 working days and a total of 35 production steps. 

The laundry basket is available here

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Detail of the week

#10 Organic Cotton

Vipp towels are woven in 65% organic cotton which adds strength and softness to the fabric. But there is another major benefit that made us choose this material – the health of our planet.

Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world. It is estimated that each year cotton producers use as much as 25 percent of the world's insecticides and more than 10 percent of the world's pesticides; an incredible amount for one just one crop (source:

That's why organically cultivated cotton is an important detail in our towels making them a sustainable choice.  

Learn more about the towels here

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Tasting in Vipp Flagship Store

Did you know that you can eat your way to a happier body? Nutritionist, author and personal trainer, Louise Bruun, occupies the Vipp kitchen and presents the concept of Superfood with a tasting of selected favorites.

When designing a new Vipp product we consider it as a tool that aims to create a great experience in everyday life. Therefore, we cannot help being inspired by other tools aiming for the same goal. Superfood is a tool supporting a healthy lifestyle, and we look forward to share our enthusiasm with you on August 21st at the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

Nutritional therapist Louise Bruun will give us insight into the world of superfoods – which are much more than a variety of tasty flavors. Nutrition can heal us and make us happy, strong and healthy - all based on a good tool for your body – Superfood!

Louise Bruun appeared in the Danish tv show "a cure that works" (orig: En kur der dur), she has published several books on healthy nutrition, she gives lectures on the same topic, organizes retreats, workshops, conferences and much more.

You will also meet Vipp Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen, who talks about the Vipp design philosophy and explains how both a hook and a kitchen fit into the Vipp toolbox. And finally he will unveil upcoming Vipp products to be launched later this year.

It all happens Thursday, August 21st at 18.00-20.00 in the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

Click on the picture to buy your ticket.


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Summer competition

Win 4 brunch sets for you and a friend

Do you know someone, who would love to win two Vipp brunch sets?
Click below to go to the competiton on Facebook.

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Guest blogger:

Stefan Nilsson

My design week in Milan – a retrospective

Isaloni - the design week in Milan - is possibly the most exciting time of the year for us design junkies and trend hunters. I love it. I see international brands launch their latest news and established companies talking about their history. It is all about Italian brands like Moroso, German brands like Vitra and American brands like Herman Miller. The design week is absolutely amazing with countless exhibitions and installations.

For a trend hunter like me, this is where I pick up new styles, like the crazy flirt with the 80’s we just saw, or the mix and match­-theme curated by Rossana Orlandi at one of the city’s museums.

Isaloni basically peaks with the Elle Decoration International Design Awards at the end of the week. An event with design stars, celebrities and champagne. A bit like the design industry’s version of the Oscars.  Of course, I was there. And this is an opportunity to measure our Scandinavian position. How is our part of the world doing?

Sitting in the audience at an old Milanese theatre the anticipation is enormous. Out of a handful awards Scandinavia got five. Five!!! Amazing. The whole Scandinavian posse was applauding and cheering when Swedish design studio Front won acclaim for their cabinet for Porro, and of course Fritz Hansen and Kvadrat got their awards.

But one of the longest rounds of applause was for Vipp when they were awarded the best kitchen solution. Boffi, Poggenpohl or even IKEA did not produce the best international kitchen solution. It was Vipp.

And on stage came a woman saying that the origin of the best kitchen solution came from a hair dresser’s bin. And she didn’t forget to mention that this bin was invented 75 years ago.

Scandinavia is one of the most design oriented regions of the world. Some of the most important design icons have been produced here, and obviously still are. I love the Scandinavian combination of functionality, innovation, reduced aesthetics and clean lines. And Scandinavian design is all about making daily life just a little bit better. Just like the bins from Vipp. And I do understand why an international audience admires this.

I got my first Vipp item only a few years ago. I have a paper bin next to my Bisazza covered mosaic wall – in my summer house in the Stockholm archipelago far away from the parties in Milan. Perhaps a typical Scandinavian approach. Good design in a nice environment, but never forget the place where you come from.


Stefan Nilsson is a Swedish trendexpert occurring regularly on television, radioand in newspapers. Constantly on the move hesearches fornew trends in decor, design, fashion, food and other things we dream of.



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Danish strawberries

dressed in white

Summer calls for Danish strawberries - here served in white Vipp ceramics. Thanks for sharing @_mariannejacobsen (via Instagram)

We're always happy to receive great stylings from our fans! Keep styling, keep sharing - really appreciated! Thank you and enjoy this sunny weekend. 

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Detail of the week

#9 Detachable shelf

The Vipp Shower Shelf is a functional accessory that will make any bathroom look better. But what to do when the black rubber part is covered with lime scale after years of use? You simply detach it for cleaning.

Here is a quick guide for easy cleaning:

1. Detach the rubber part from the steel frame
2. Wrap the rubber part in paper towel and soak it in household vinegar
3. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it, using a soft brush and a mild detergent. If necessary repeat the process.
4. When the lime scale is completely removed, apply silicone spray for optimal finish.

The Shower Shelf is ready for the next round.

Find out more here


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Ceramics in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

found at 'coco lapine design'

Sarah, a Berlin based designer and founder of the blog coco lapine design, inspires with her passion for graphic and interior design.

One of her latest styling projects took place in the residential area Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. We are happy that our ceramics also are part of Sarah's beautiful work. Take a look and get inspired, klick here 

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Detail of the week

#8 Replaceable brush head

The weak spot on a dishwashing brush is the head. Therefore, we made a replaceable brush head for the Vipp dishwashing brush - a detail that makes the brush a functional and long lasting tool.

Besides functionality, the philosophy behind chief designer Morten Bo Jensen’s designs is less but better. Aiming to make fewer, but better products, the goal is to develop tools one needs to purchase only once. The replaceable brush head ensures that the customer only needs to change the brush head when it has been worn out from everyday use.

 ”To us, the challenge in product development is to make better products than what already is on the market – that is quite simply the objective at Vipp. The replaceable brush head minimizes waste and ensures that the brush can be used again and again”, Morten Bo Jensen.

 Learn more about the dishwashing brush here

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A pop-up charity cafe

Support and take home the Vipp cup

Vipp is opening a pop-up coffee shop in central Copenhagen to raise money for Doctors Without Borders - and you get to keep the Vipp cup.

Now you can enjoy a spot in the sun while supporting Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Vipp’s newly opened pop-up café 'A Cup For Charity' at Ny Østergade 34.

The usual Caesar salad and café burger have been replaced by a much simpler concept; In 'A Cup For Charity' you can only get a cup of tea or coffee and a cake delivered from Risteriet, Løv Tea and Strangas Dessert Boutique – the pack costs DKK 100. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and as thanks for your support, you get to keep the Vipp cup.

Vipp’s pop-up café, 'A Cup For Charity' opens today, opening hours Monday to Friday 11.00 am - 6.00 pm (Saturdays 11.00 am - 4.00 pm), until September.

Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
DK-1101 Copenhagen K

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a private, international, humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical care to millions of people caught in crises in some 70 countries around the world. MSF provides assistance when catastrophic events—such as armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, or natural disasters—overwhelm local health systems. Our aim is first and foremost to provide high-quality medical care to the people who need it the most.

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Flower Styling Workshop

Here is how 13 bloggers got green fingers while styling the Vipp kitchen & bathroom with plenty of flowers...

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Delicious recipes and tasteful stylings

Our Food Stories

Laura & Nora, a photographer and a foodstylist, blog about food and design. On their blog you'll find glutenfree, histamine low, vegetarian and vegan recipes styled in the most delicate ways... and from time to time on Vipp ceramics. Visit the two girls from Berlin on ourfoodstories

Photos: Our Food Stories
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A big celebration

calls for plenty of flowers

This year Vipp marks its 75th birthday. A big celebration calls for lots of flowers and specially invited guests, so we invited some of our favorite European bloggers, the professional florist, Louise Moestrup, and the photographer Anders Hviid for a Flower Styling Workshop in Copenhagen.

Getting your fingers green was the goal for the day. The thirteen participants learned the art of making flower balls and beds and battled to create the best floral kitchen and bathroom settings. Here you can see the result of the day – and remember you can vote for your favorite image at our Instagram account @vippdotcom (the competition is closed)

Watch the behind the scenes video - PLAY

Thanks to the following blogs for your participation

elisabeth heier
marianne jacobsen

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Blogger Styling Event x BODIE and FOU pop-up shop

... and the winners are...

Malene from Boligcious and Rikke from That Nordic Feeling. They reached stunning 3199 likes within just one week. Congratulations!

Please find the winning stylings below. We love them! 

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Blogger Styling Event x BODIE and FOU pop-up shop

at the Vipp Flagship Store

On the 19th of May the Vipp Flagship Store hosted not only the BODIE and FOU pop up shop but also a super fun blogger styling event.

12 design bloggers from Denmark and abroad styled beautiful kitchen, bathroom and table settings in the Vipp Flagship store and a are now hoping to receive lots of likes on several social media platforms in order to win a goodie bag filled with goodies from Vipp and Bodie and Fou. So go and vote for your favorites!

Images in the competition are marked #bodieandfouvipp -
to see all images click here.

The competition has ended. Please find the winning team here.

Blogs in the competition:


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Visit our flagship store 22nd-24th of May!

Come and see iconic Vipp pedal bin celebrating 75th anniversary. It the store you’ll find many new design classics side by side with the Vipp Kitchen – winner of the Elle Decoration International Design Award for best Kitchen.

Find the full program on

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BODIE and FOU Shop

Pops up at Vipp Flagship Store from 17-24 May

The award-winning online concept store BODIE and FOU opens pop-up shop at the Vipp Flagship store from 17th – 24th of May.

BODIE and FOU infuses the minimalistic and functional Vipp store in Copenhagen with a laid-back and edgy-elegance lifestyle. The French sisters and BODIE and FOU founders, Elodie and Karine, have created an inspiring selection of interior pieces including two new poster designs as well as a limited edition Vipp bin made especially for this occasion.

“Vipp has always been one of my favourite design brands and as a family business like BODIE and FOU, I'm over the moon that we collaborated on this very special bin - because at the end of the day LOVE, LIFE & FAMILY that's all it matters", Karine Kong.

BODIE and FOU x Vipp pedal bin, 14 liters, 299,- Euro.

Available here:

Vipp Flagship store
Ny Østergade 34
DK-1101 Copenhagen


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Mother's Day

don't forget it!

Mor, madre, mamá, Mutter, 母亲, mère, mom... This Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day. Remember to spoil her - she deserves it.

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& the winner is...

the Vipp kitchen

Salone del Mobile 2014 turned out to be quite an emotional experience. Cause in the midst of the design abundance Vipp found itself in the spotlight - as winner of the EDIDA award for best kitchen.

The 25 editions of Elle Decoration were gathered in the beautiful, classic Teatro Manzoni and invited were the international design companies and designers having marked the year in design. So it was in fine company that Svante Öqvist, Chief Editor of Swedish Elle Decoration, announced the winner in the kitchen category. We were thrilled that Vipp's kitchen concept of nomadic modules developed as finished tools recieved this recognition after only two years in the market proceeded by an even longer development process.

Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, took on the stage:
"This is a great day for me, this is a great year for us...nobody would have known that we would be standing up here today receiveing an award for a kitchen. It was the bin that made the way." - Jette Egelund.

Discover the Vipp Kitchen in full detail here

The winner
Morten Bo Jensen & Jette Egelund from Vipp, Svante Öquist from Elle Decoration Sweden
The Vipp team consisting of Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, Christina Hinding, Communication Manager, Anne Eilersen, Administration Manager and Jette Egelund, owner
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Old Vipp love

Never dies

For Jakob it all started just like the real story. It began with an old bin in a hairdressing salon...

The last months we have gathered pictures of the very first bins that are still out there. Furthrmore, we asked the owners about their stories. The "Wanted" campaing is still running, but here is one of the tales told. 

"I think my interest in Vipp started when my grandma's yellow bin, which she had in her hairdressing salon, was discarded. That was such a pity! Whether it was yellow or cream colored I do not know, but my mother, who also worked at the salon, told me about it. That was when my search for vintage Vipp bins began," says Jakob.

It was quite a coincidence that Jakob found the old Vipp pedal bin that he now treasures so much.

"The old Vipp15 (the large one in the middle), I found at a school that was about to be shut down :-) I'm really happy with it - to me it is something very Danish."

Thank you very much for the story, Jakob. To all followers - please send us your vintage Vipp bin story.

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Vipp 75th Anniversary Poster

This poster is a Limited Edition celebrating Vipp's 75th anniversary, showing the entire Vipp product collection: From the very first bin made in 1939 to the latest additions, including the kitchen and bathroom modules.

The poster is printed on high quality matte paper in two grey Pantone colours.

Available here and in the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

FORMAT: W50cm * H70cm
Delivered without frame

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Anniversary night

for all senses

Served in Vipp ceramics Nikolaos Strangas treated our guests with the most delicious desserts as Jette told the story about Vipp.

Yesterday Vipp invited friends and customers inside the Vipp Flagship Store for a special 75th anniversary event. It was an evening with stories about Vipp told by daughter of Holger Nielsen and second generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Alongside was Nikolaos Strangas serving three amazing tatings showing that he is one of the best dessert chefs in the country.

Thank you all for joing the event and making it such a memorable night and thanks to StrangasCopenhagen Food, Rosa Maria BoelsmandCopenhagen Cakes,  tlundgaard and Alexandra Krogsgaard for these nice images. 

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Let's celebrate

Happy Birthday Vipp!

The whole family is invited for Vipp's 75th anniversary...

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Guest blogger

Mr. Walnut Grey

Vipp'ing love my bin
by Gerard McGuickin aka Mr. Walnut Grey

Vipp celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. What an incredible tale this enduring Danish design establishment has to tell. The Vipp that we see today emerged from a practical rubbish bin that was built in 1939 by its founder, Holger Nielsen, for his wife Marie’s hair salon.

In my considered opinion, Vipp makes the world’s greatest bins. All too often, bins, clearly designed to contain rubbish, are treated in the same manner. The Vipp bin is different. Firstly, it’s a design classic. Secondly, whilst its functional objective is to house rubbish, its physical manifestation is a beautiful one. Thirdly, it is a common occurrence that bins must be hidden from view, concealed in cupboards and under kitchen sinks. With a Vipp bin, there is a patent yearning to showcase its form, to embrace it as part of the make-up of a given space - the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, storeroom et cetera. The Vipp bin is as much an object of desire as many of its classic design contemporaries.

I received my first Vipp bins in 2005; they were a housewarming present from my parents. I can still remember the excitement in choosing the bins - a Vipp 16 and two Vipp 13s - and the anguish of having to wait several weeks for their arrival. Nevertheless, they were worth waiting for and nine years later continue to store my rubbish with elegant grace. My most recent Vipp bin (an addition, not a replacement), was a Vipp 15 in Copenhagen Green. A firm believer that a well chosen colour accent adds a level of urbanity to a space, my Vipp 15 is wholly congruent with the grey wall against which it sits in my living area.

Good design truly is aesthetic (as espoused by acclaimed industrial designer Dieter Rams). The Vipp bin’s aesthetic quality is, I believe, integral to the way in which it impacts positively upon my person and well-being. My Vipp bins are part of my everyday reality and I often feel a sense of satisfaction in using them. When design is innovative, easy to understand, useful, long-lasting and a part of the person’s own sense of self-expression, then it will enhance the way in which we live.

As a family company, I value that Vipp works to ensure there is a tangible link between today’s Vipp products and its history. It was from Holger Nielsen’s early utilitarian and functional concept that Vipp’s DNA was born. Holger’s classic bin design is a part of the fabric of Vipp; his legacy is embraced by the company and instilled in everything it produces. Kasper Egelund, Vipp’s CEO and Holger’s grandson, expresses this legacy as one “of good craftsmanship, quality materials and honest design.”

I was excited to visit Vipp’s Copenhagen flagship store in June last year as part of a select European bloggers collective. During that visit, I had the pleasure of hearing Sofie Egelund, Head of Communication and Holger Nielsen’s granddaughter, tell the story of Vipp in her words. Listening to Sofie’s reflections on her grandfather made everything I knew about Vipp feel all the more genuine and tangible, adding yet more kudos to my beloved Vipp bins.

Happy 75 years Vipp! x

Gerard McGuickin is a freelance design writer and a blogger for his online zine, Walnut Grey Design. He writes intelligently about ‘good design’ from the viewpoint of interiors, architecture, objects and lifestyle. Gerard has a specialist interest in modern contemporary and midcentury Nordic and British design.

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delicious tasting

In the vipp flagship store

It's a piece of cake to turn 75 - dessert tasting with Nikolaos Strangas.

March 20th we celebrate our 75 anniversary in the Vipp Flagship Store. 75 guests are invited to an evening including the personal story about Vipp told by owner and 2. generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Furthermore, Nikolaos Strangas, owner of Strangas Dessert Boutique, will turn the Vipp Flagship Store into his own dessert studio and treat you with an exclusive tasting menu.

Programme for the evening
18.00: Jette Egelund tells her personal story about Vipp
18.50: Nikolaos Strangas shows you how to make delicious desserts

Tasting menu
- Chocolate cream, crystalize chocolate, chocolate cake, marinate buckthorn
- Panacotta, marinate ananas with mint and vanille passion foam
- Yuzu cream, caramelized pistachios and sesam, mango sorbet

The menu is served with coffee and LØV tea.

Price: 80 kr.

When: Thursday, March 20th at 18:00-20:00

Where: Vipp Flagship Store  ·  Ny Østergade 34  · 1101 København K

How: Sign-up through

Attendance is on a 'first come first serve' basis. You will receive a confirmation email, in which you will be informed about payment through MobilePay.

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Get your Yellow Fellow

In the vipp flagship store

The Vipp annual colour 2014 is out now.

Stop by Ny Østergade 34 in Copenhagen and purchase your favorite "Yellow Fellow". The collection contains e.g. the Vipp pedal bin 4L, Vipp pedal bin 14L, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and the Vipp toiletbrush. If you are not in town you can buy your tools here.

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“Yellow Fellow” is a brilliant, optimistic colour, a perfect choice to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Vipp bin.

Despite its advanced years, the Vipp bin has not aged at all. On the contrary, it still has the smiling lid, distinctive ears and functional shape, which for decades have made it a trusty companion for hairdressers, dentists and family homes. Vipp’s Yellow Fellow collection marks another milestone in the history, which Holger Nielsen began writing in his workshop 75 years ago.

“When my father made ​​the bin for my mother's hairdressing salon in 1939, it was initially intended only for her. The fact that today we are able to deliver products all over the world and are actually exhibited at MoMA in New York, would have made him immensely proud,” says Jette Egelund, daughter of Holger Nielsen, the founder of Vipp

Yellow Fellow will be in the shops from March 2014. Also available at

Pedal bin, 4 litres, 209 Euro 
Pedal bin, 14 litres, 275 Euro
Toilet brush, 165 Euro
Soap dispenser, 99 Euro
Toothbrush holder, 69 Euro

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Detail of the week

#7 Functional flexibility

The pull out spray attached in the Vipp Kitchen Tap is an example of the industrial inspiration, which is an essential element in the Vipp design-DNA.

Behind all Vipp tools lies the idea of bringing industrial principles of functionality to the private home. The Vipp Kitichen Tap equipped with a pull out spray is an example of this.

The pull out spray - that most people know from professionel kitchens - is made of solid brushed stainless steel and has a firm grib with grooves. The hose is covered in an amour of stainless steel for maximum durability. Morten Bo Jensen, Chief designer, elaborates:

“My starting point was to focus on functionality and quality in choice of material. The Kitchen Tap itself has a simple idiom in order for it to make it fit into most kitchens and bathrooms, besides Vipp’s own of course”.

Learn more about the Vipp Kitchen Tap here

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Winner of the EDIDA's

"Kitchen of the year"

The 25 editors of Elle Decoration have selected the Vipp kitchen to be "Kitchen of the year" at the Elle Deco Internaional Design Awards 2014.

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The Happy Couples

of the Vipp collection

Love is in the air in the Vipp product portfolio. Only a few days away from the international day of love, we celebrate the happy couples in the Vipp collection.

Our selection of happy couples:
Soap dish
& toothbrush holder
Suction hook
& wiper
Bin & broom and dustpan set
Vipp hook & towel
Vipp salt & pepper mills

...or you could call the Vipp collection for one big love affair for functional tools.


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Vipp Vintage Bins Wanted

for 75th anniversary exhibition

This year the Vipp bin celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark this milestone we are now searching for the very first bins that left the factory back in 1939.

They are out there somewhere, these old bins, and many of them are still in use at clinics, laboratories, kinder gardens and in private homes. From time to time the Vipp store in Copenhagen receives old bins in need of a new pedal or rubber parts to be fully functional for future decades. “The very first bins are easily recognized by their wavy and polished chrome lid and a golden logo in cursive letters in my father’s hand writing”, says Jette Egelund, 2nd generation in Vipp.

We hope to collect as many old bins as possible for a historical exhibition to be held at the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen later this year.

So if you have one of these old bins in your possession and would like to share your story, then please get in touch with us to make your bin available for this exhibition.

If you want to share your bin story, please get in touch with Michael at

PS: If you want to see how the current version of Vipp15 looks, then click here

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Logo evolution

75 years with Vipp

Celebrating our 75th anniversary incites us to look back. The evolution of the Vipp logo is one of the visible markers of our development.

True connoisseurs can determine a Vipp bin by year. In 1949 Holger decided to replace the original wavy chrome lid to a more practical domed lid in stainless steel. Another age indicating detail is the Vipp logo on the bin, which in 1939 was sticker with a golden print of Holger's very fine handwriting.

In the 1950s this logo was replaced by a graphic print in an oval circle with a touch of color and supplemented with the word 'original'. Later the word 'original' was removed again, since this was considered as something you do not state. In the year 2000, the logo font was altered with a softer rounding, like the bin lid. Finally, the oval circle was removed in line with Holger's original logo.

Learn more about the Vipp bin

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Detail of the week

#6 Circulations

The Vipp laundry basket was the first ‘tool’ that Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, developed for Vipp in 2008. The basket’s perforated lid is this week’s detail.

In terms of design the lid links to the Vipp collection made in brushed stainless steel. The perforated lid ensures optimal air circulation for the laundry and allows it to dry out naturally if damp. 

”The combination of functionality and aesthetic was the starting point for the design of the Vipp laundry basket. The idea was to re-interpret this everyday product and the result was a functional piece of furniture with well-thought out functionality and a great level of detail", Morten Bo Jensen. 

Learn more about the Vipp Laundry basket here

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Stainless Steel Study

Since 1939 stainless steel is one of the main materials in the majority of Vipp products. It’s a strong and durable type of iron which ensures long lasting products that will stand the test of time. This of course depends on the quality of steel used in the production as there are a vast variety of steel types and qualities.

What is stainless steel?
Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Chromium produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the steel known as the 'passive layer'. This layer prevents any corrosion of the surface.

Vipp products are made of two types of stainless steel: Type 304 and 316

Type 304 alloys provide our products with an easy-to-clean surface that will last for decades and even become more beautiful with an emerging patina. This type of steel is characterized by a content of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which gives this material excellent resistance to corrosion and very high durability. We use the 304 stainless steel for lids, handles, kitchen work tops, taps just to name a few.

However, some products in the Vipp collection are produced in the stronger alloy 316. This durable material is used for the manufacturing of the Vipp suction hook, shower wiper, shower shelf and toilet brush, as these products usually are used in quite extreme environments with high humidity and often exposed to aggressive cleaning agents. The addition of 2% molybdenum makes 316 considerably more resistant to corrosion than the 304 alloy. 

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Q&A with Morten Bo #1

Living with your own tools

In a series of Q&As with Chief Designer in Vipp, Morten Bo Jensen, we uncover various aspects of being in-house designer in Vipp. We begin in his private home, an old pencil factory transformed to a modern family home, for a talk about living in your own design, the pleasure of good tools and the search for the perfect dishwashing brush...

You live with your own designs. How does that influence the design process in Vipp?
I feel fortunate to be living with designs where I have played a part in its making and experience it up close on a daily basis. Cooking every day in the Vipp kitchen and using all the accessories gives me the chance to be the Vipp designer and the customer at the same time; a process that help us to improve the products. It is a great experience to work together with a team of dedicated engineers in the effort to create products that really stand the test of time and which are a pleasure to use day after day. It’s all about great functionality and high quality materials and matching these choices in an esthetic solution, in order for people to attach emotionally to the product – these values are essential when creating a new Vipp product and reflect the Vipp DNA guiding us since 1939.

Does your personal interior reflect how you work professionally and vice versa?
When we bought this old pencil factory, it was stripped to the bone; I spent a great deal of time reflecting on how I want to live. My conclusion was quite simple; function and efficiency must be the starting point of the interior – and this is also the way I work on the design of a new Vipp product. I enjoy living in a space that is functionally and visually cohesive. It embodies a certain visual calmness and daily efficiency. Having opted for only sliding doors allows for a better inflow of light and spatiality while giving the space a coherent aesthetic dimension. So to answer the question, I’d say there is a coherence between the way I live and how i work.

Talking about inspiration. When do you get the best ideas?
To give you an example, we really felt that the market was in lack of a proper, long lasting dishwashing brush, which could be a more sustainable alternative to all the disposable versions. We worked with this idea in the team to see where we could implement ideas with a more long-lasting feel. Therefore our dishing washing brush is made with a 3mm stainless steel core encased in soft silicone rubber with an embedded strap for wall mounting. A replaceable brush head ensures that the brush can be refreshed over and over again. With these priorities you really feel the difference when holding the product in your hand.

You can take the whole tour in Morten Bo's home at Dwell / Est Magazine / oeditorial / Noe Blog / Cocolapine / The Style Files

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Detail of the week

#5 An organic feel

Being specialized in manufacturing products made from steel and rubber, developing an organic towel collection was a new challenge in the quest of developing an quality products for the bathroom.

Vipp towels are made from a two-colored material blend of 65% organic cotton and 35% soft bamboo fibers.

“We worked intensively with the material combination in order to optimize absorption ability and softness. Cotton ensures softness, while bamboo provides durability, absorption abilities and a beautiful finish”, says Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen. 

Learn more about the Vipp towels here

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Detail of the week

#4 Get a grip

Have you noticed that the gas hob regulator in the Vipp kitchen, the swivel top on the Vipp salt and pepper mill and the shelves’ thumbscrews all share the same design?

“The Vipp grab-designs are all molded in solid stainless steel and made in one piece to give them the exact feeling of quality tools. Developing the item we also focused on weight and getting the right grip. The fitted grooves make the tool functional and easy to use – it’s like clockwork” says chief designer, Morten Bo Jensen.

When we make a new product we aim to combine quality, functionality and feeling – a trio that is reflected in the details, like the thumbscrews. These priorities leads to a certain recognizable aesthetic among Vipp products and demonstrate that the whole Vipp portfolio stems from the same design philosophy.

Learn more about the detail Vipp salt & pepper set, shelves, kitchen here:
Salt & pepper set

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. III

'My favorite egg dish'

Eggs, bacon, toast, a muffin pan and the Vipp ceramic brunch set are the ingredients in Stephanie Duval's Vipp Breakfast Club pt. III where she shares her favorite egg dish.

"It's never too early for my favorite egg dish. This is what I usually do - I cut some circles from toast (the Vipp coffee cups were the perfect size, coincidentally). I melt some butter in a pan and soak the toast circles in them on both sides (hey, I never said this would a light dish!), and afterwards I put the buttered circles in a muffin pan (mine's from hema). Make sure to press the toast into the pan a little bit, to make room for the eggs and bacon. on top of each toast, i sprinkle some pieces of bacon that I’ve fried for a short time in a pan. On top of the bacon comes one egg, be careful not to break the yolk. I usually have too much egg white to fit in one muffin cup, so I get rid of the excess.

No need to season these muffins with salt (as the bacon is already pretty salty), but I do add some pepper before they go in the oven (I put it on 150°c / 300°f) until the egg white has become solid. It took some trial and error to find the right temperature for the egg yolk to remain liquid and the egg white to become solid, so you might want to tweak the temperature to your oven, too. I used the Vipp brunch set to present this dish, accompanied by the Vipp milk jug" - Stephanie Duval, 70PercentPure

Source -

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ELLE DECO France picks its

'Kitchen of the Year'

Each year, the 26 international editions of Elle Decoration magazine award their favorite design objects in the Elle Deco International Design Awards.

Waiting for the announcement of the final winners at the grand award show during Salone del Mobile in April we celebrate that French Elle Decoration has picked their ‘coup de coeur’ in the kitchen category – The Vipp Kitchen!

‘In a beautiful, mat black, these nomadic islands allow for different compositions and display perfect finishes” – Rédaction, Elle Decoration France, Fevrier-Mars 2014. 

We're thrilled! Merci beaucoup.

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Vipp Mega Bin visits Hamburg

Let's clean this city

From January the 13th till March the 31st, the Vipp Mega Bin will tour Hamburg as part of the annual campaign “Hamburg räumt auf!”.

Hamburg’s 17th spring cleaning campaign “Hamburg räumt auf!” (Hamburg cleans up!) gets support by the Vipp Mega Bin. Till the end of March 2014 the bin will travel the city to source cleaning participants for this great project. Last year 51.000 helpful people joined the initiative. We’ll top this number in 2014!

True to its original form and materials, the Vipp Mega Bin is constructed in scale 8:1. It has a height of 2.5 meters, a volume of 3.800 liters and a weight of 800 kg. Big goals call for big measures. So let’s collect some trash!

If you are around, we’d be happy to see you on the pedal!

Tour plan:
- 13. January - 5. February
  Wandsbeker Marktplatz
- 5. February - 3. March
- 3. March - 31. March
  Hamburg Central Station (next to Hamburger Kunsthalle) 

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From Flagship Store

to Kid's Room

The windows in the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen have transformed into a playful children's room.

The Vipp shelves are organizing the big pile of toys while the Vipp laundry basket and pedal bin in vintage Vipp colours are customized for the kids with wallstickers from Fermliving.

Check it out in real life in the Vipp Flagship Store

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Organizing Chaos

in the Children's room

Since 1939 Vipp is synonymous with high quality products for the bathroom and kitchen. However, the Vipp collection also holds functional solutions for other rooms. Have you ever thought of that?

In the children’s room for instance, Vipp pedal bins and shelves come in handy after a fun day of tinkering – some creations are hot, some are not...

Vipp pedal bins have a stainless steel lid which by means of a damper mechanism closes in a smooth, silent motion. A rubber ring ensures tight closure (making it perfect for disposal of diapers also).

And to organize all the chaos that normally covers the floor, the Vipp minimal shelving system may come in handy. The Vipp shelves are made of 3 mm alumnium plate, stamped out and formed into a U-shape and so creating two shelf surfaces. The shelf is fitted with hidden brackets creating a floating look 8 mm from the wall and is easily mounted with thumb screws made of stainless steel.

The Vipp shelf exists in small and large

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Detail of the week

#3 Step on it

Holger Nielsen made sure that every detail on his tools served a functional purpose - the pedal is an example of this.

Sometimes a detail is a minor feature that makes a big difference and Holger Nielsen's philosophy was that every detail had to serve a functional purpose. The pedal was added to the Vipp bin to ensure a hands-free operation. This came in handy for particularly hairdressers, doctors and dentists who were in need for such a tool due to their work processes - a clear example of Holger's 'form follows function' approach.

Read more about the Vipp pedal bin right here.

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. II

Back to the classics

A decent soft boiled egg and a cup of freshly ground, black coffee are the ingredients in Vipp Breakfast Club part II by Stephanie Duval from 70percentpure. It’s all about keeping it simple and returning to the good old breakfast classics.

“It's the small and simple things that make me happy. The smell of freshly ground coffee, the pleasure of dipping a piece of toast in a soft boiled egg, or the luxury of using truffled sea salt instead of regular salt on an otherwise uneventful weekday. somehow, treating yourself to those little pleasures in the morning makes the prospect of a long day of hard work much less stressful.” - Stephanie Duval.

“For the second instalment of my breakfast club with Danish design brand Vipp i decided not to use any specific or terribly original recipe, but to stick to the classics. When I have a lot of traveling on my schedule, I like to keep things simple at home. Especially since in the states it's nearly impossible to order a decent soft boiled egg at a restaurant, and besides, it wouldn't look nearly as appealing as it does on the vipp ceramic brunch set. Seriously, how wonderful are those bubble shaped plates? They make me itch to find cute ways to present food, and they go really well with the little bowls i used for my yogurt and granola breakfast a while ago." – Stephanie Duval

This classic breakfast is served on Vipp ceramic plate, Vipp egg ring, Vipp coffee cup.

Source: 70percentpure

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This was 2013

in snapshots

A year has passed and once again it has been a year full of events, new products, exciting collaborations, lots of coffee and plenty of inspiration...

In 2013, several new Vipp products for the kitchen and bathroom saw the light of day: The Vipp broom and dustpan, the Vipp table, the Vipp organic towels, the Vipp mirror.

New collaborations were initiated: Lever Couture transformed a series of bins to high-couture models (learn more), the monocled egg shape cartoon character Darcel spilled his dissapointments all over the Vipp bin and brush set sold in Colette (learn more), 3-star Michelin Chef Alain Passard made a limited edition Vipp collection with his beautiful collages illustrating his star-recipes (learn more), and the concept store Merci said 'Merci' to Vipp with an edition in their signature graphic universe (learn more).

2013 was the year where the 4 liter Vipp bin 8-doubled in size to help Copenhagen city-dwellers to keep their city green during its summer tur around the city (learn more)

The Vipp Flagship Store was the backdrop for several events: 14 bloggers took on the challenge of a Christmas foodstyling battle (learn more), plenty of guest devoured plenty of Grød (porridge) (learn more), and with full-blown Christmas spirit we turned the store into a cookie factory (learn more).

Looking forward to an equally eventful 2014. Stay tuned for more snapshots on Instagram @vippdotcom

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. I

by 70percentpure

Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. There's not an egg dish on earth she hasn’t tried. She loves New York because of its fanatical love affair with breakfast. On top of this, she is a self-proclaimed breakfast superstar who can actually cook. Stephanie Duval is the name behind the blog 70percentpure where she sets out to share her favorite kind of breakfast served on, prepared and styled with the Vipp ceramics collection, hence the name Vipp Breakfast Club.

“I wanted to kick off this series with my current obsession for granola because it is honestly all i can seem to talk about lately. ever since i tried the lovely louise de brabandere's thursday dinners recipe, i've been hooked. i love her combination of spices and sea salt that make the mix of oats, seeds and nuts so interesting and full of flavor. for my version i added some more ingredients i had lying around the house, like flax, pumpkin and poppy seeds.” – Stephanie Duval

“It is so easy to make, and baking the granola makes our apartment smell like christmas. I always make a big batch so that it'll last us a while, and combined with greek yogurt it is my breakfast of choice for mornings that are all about inspiration reading and preparing creative projects. on this particular morning, i had it with an almond milk-banana smoothie with fresh vanilla (blend it with some ice cubes to make it taste super refreshing).” – Stephanie Duval.

The granola is served in Vipp ceramics bowl and coffee in a Vipp ceramics tea cup.

Source: 70percentpure

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Style your new years table

Set your new years table with ceramics from Vipp like our favorite bloggers have done. Which setting is your favourite? Vote for it by liking the photo on instagram or facebook.

Instagram @vippdotcom

Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
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Christmas Greetings

from the Vipp Cookie Factory

We wish you a very merry Christmas & a happy New Year! Looking forward to present many new products in 2014. All the best, your Vipp team

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Vipp15 big in German "Brigitte Woman"

The German women’s magazine ”Brigitte Woman” features the story about the Vipp15 pedal bin – and why this is the one bin, that makes it fun to dispose of your trash. Thank you very much!

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4th Sunday of Advent

Win a limited Alain Passard edition

The big prize in the Vipp Advent Calendar is a limited edition 30 liters Vipp pedal bin customized by French, 3 Michelin star chef Alain Passard.

“I want to surround myself with functional products that help me focus on my métier. When Vipp invited me to do a collection of their bins, the answer was evidently yes; I wanted to embellish this classic and discreteobject with my collages”, explains Alain Passard.

The collages realized by Alain Passard are visual translations of his passion for cooking: a play of coloursand textures found on paper as well as on his plates. The artworks reflect the influence of vegetables in his kitchen and the importance of the eye in the creation of a recipe. Together with his book ‘Recette et Collages’ recently published in English (‘The art of cooking with vegetables), the collaboration with Vipp is a testimony to his artistic approach to cooking combined with his predilection for high-quality kitchen tools.

From his book of 48 illustrated recipes, the chef has selected 10 to decorate Vipp’s more than 70-year old bin transformed to a limited edition collection of 40 numbered copies. The Harlequin Garden of Vegetables bin could be yours, if you answer correctly in the Vipp Advent Caldar Competition. We draw a winner among the ones who answweres correctly on Monday the 23rd of December.

> Participate here

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Christmas Cookie Factory

How to make a cookie-bin

The Vipp kitchen was the backdrop for our Christmas Cookie Factory, where we transformed our old bin into a series of colourful cookies.

Vipp's product development team got quite an unusual task, when they were asked to develop a steel cake tin shaped like the Vipp bin. The result was an exact copy of the outer shape of pedal bin laser cut in 3 mm stainless steel and only 1 mm thick.

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Christmas tasting at the Vipp Flagship Store

We invite you to a special Christmas event at the Vipp Flagship Store.

December 16th we celebrate Christmas at the Vipp Flagship Store. 60 guests are invited to a special night including the personal story about Vipp told by owner and 2. generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Furthermore, the acclaimed chef, Lasse Andersen, owner of Grød, will treat you with a delicious Christmas food tasting. Served in Vipp ceramics you will experience Christmas in a new and tasteful way.

Programme for the evening
18.00: Jette Egelund tells her personal story about Vipp 

18.45: Lasse Andersen shows you how to cook a tasteful porridge and explains the concept behind Grød

Tasting menu
· Green kale risotto with crispy green kale salad and freeze-dried lingonberry

· Rice pudding with zest, roasted almonds and homemade cerry sauce

· Mulled wine made ​​from white-buckthorn, apple and rum

When: Monday, December 16th at 18:00-20:00

Where: Vipp Flagship Store  ·  Ny Østergade 34  · 1101 København K

How: We need your signup at the latest  Friday the 13th of December. Write to

Since we do not have room for everybody attendance is on a 'first come first serve' basis. You will receive a confirmation email, which you will need to bring to the event if you are one of the 60 people.

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2nd sunday of advent

Win a breadbox

On Sunday the 8th of December, a White Vipp breadbox is at stake. To enter the competition you have to answer a Vipp-related question correctly.

Enter the competition here

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Blogger Styling Battle

3 teams x 5 dishes =15 stylings

After a full day of styling a five course Danish Christmas menu, the three teams can be proud of their result. Here it is...

Team 1.
101Woonideeën / thesweetspot / MiMA / Stylizimo / Bodieandfou 

Team 2.
April&May / Bungalow5 / Flodeau / Stilinspiration 

Team 3.
Boligcious / FruFly / 70percentpure / Emmas Designblogg

The Menu
1. Fried herring with egg custard, pickled onions and dill oil
2. Crisp bread with apple compote, salted scallops, crispy chicken skin and cress
3. Terrine of duck with Jerusalem artichokes, quince, lingonberry and thyme
4. Pork cheeks with crunchy sprinkles and soft potato cream
5. Baked cherries with rice pudding ice cream and crispy rice

Props are genourously borrowed from:
Butik for Borddækning
House Doctor
Made a Mano 

Course 1 / Team 1
Course 1 / Team 2
Course 1 / Team 3
Course 2 / Team 1
Course 2 / Team 2
Course 2 / Team 3
Course 3 / Team 1
Course 3 / Team 2
Course 3 / Team 3
Course 4 / Team 1
Course 4 / Team 2
Course 4 / Team 3
Course 5 / Team 1
Course 5 / Team 2
Course 5 / Team 3
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Xmas Foodstyling Workshop

Yesterday, the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen transformed into a creative styling & photo studio welcoming 14 of our favorite bloggers and stylists to a Christmas culinary & styling workshop

Ingredients for the perfect Christmas foodstyling battle:

1. An excellent chef who can interpret Danish Christmas traditions in a mouthwatering way...and who by the way syles for the best Danish gourmet magazines.

2. A professional photographer who knows how to capture good taste.

3. Plenty of props in various materials gathered from local shops.

4. Fourteen dedicated participants eager to battle for the best styling of five courses and the best festive table.


Thanks for participating / Instagram photo credits: April&May / Bungalow5 / 101Woonideeën / Boligcious / Flodeau / thesweetspot / MiMA / Stylizimo / FruFly / Stilinspiration / Bodieandfou / 70percentpure / Emmas Designblogg

Vipp HQ
Welcome to a Christmas styling battle in the Vipp Flagship store
Styling props
Chef Mikkel Karstad in the Vipp kitchen
Karine & Mimo in styling action
Food photography expert Anders Hviid
Dessert is served
Where to begin...
Duck terrine with Jerusalem artichokes
First course - Danish Herring
Allan in styling mode
Main course from above
You've got style
Cutlery mix
Setting the table for dinner
Main course
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Vipp Advent Calendar

4 Sundays - 4 Big Prizes

Today, we kick off the Vipp Advent Calendar. Each Sunday of Advent you can win prizes from Vipp.

Enter now to get a chance to win the first prize. We pick a winner on Sunday December 1st.

Click here to participate

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Vipp featured on

Take a closer look inside Fabian and Dorothee's cool home in Hamburg.
Find the complete blog post here

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Post September 23rd 2013   Category All

In my father's spirit!

Short Stories by Jette

My father could do more than make trash bins. He loved challenges - especially in his own workshop. Therefore, he was not slow to invent a cooking hood for my mother's new kitchen.

In 1965, a cooking hood was a newcomer to the kitchen. The few ones my dad made matched the Vipp bin well – one in a black and one in white. Two years ago, Vipp decided to make a cooking hood as part of a new series of kitchen modules in the same solid materials as the bin and in two colors; one in black and one in white - completely in my father’s spirit.

You can see the Vipp kitchen & the cooking hood here

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Great review of the Vipp salt and pepper mill

In this month's issue of the Danish cooking magazine, Gastro, the Vipp salt and pepper mill received fine critics for its function, design and overall quality. We are thankful for the words and hope all our customers have the same experience when using the kitchen tool.

Quotes from the review: ”Her er intet overladt til tilfældighederne. Det stringente og maskuline formsprog kompletteres af udsøgt materialevalg […]. Her er et produkt, man virkelig kan gå på detaljeopdagelse i […]. Alt sammen udført med næsten autistisk fornemmelse for detalje og bearbejdning. Kværnene fra Vipp er ikke billige. Til gengæld får man svært ved at finde et produkt af højere kvalitet.”

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Vipp in Alt for Damerne

This week's big issue of Alt for Damerne features a quite special home. Pictures of the interior and their story is out now. Have you seen the kitchen?

Inspired by the sixties Dorothee and Fabian have a quite unique home in Hamburg. Their home is filled with stories and contributing is several Vipp items, which we are of course thrilled about. You can read their story, be inspired and see the pictures in this week's issue of 'Alt for Damerne'.

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Keep your Desktop

Clean & Green

Have you seen the Vipp mega bin on its tour around Copenhagen? It's a huge reminder for city-dwellers to keep their city clean. Now, we invite you to share the green message and at the same time keep your desktop clean and green with a mini digital Vipp – ready to download for your Mac or PC.

Click here to download your green digital Vipp for your Mac or PC desktop

Post September 8th 2013   Category All

Paris Design Week

By Night

Last night Paris was buzzing with design enthusiasts from all over the world. Merci hosted its annual design soirée revealing the new Vipp limited edition created by its graphic design studio be-pôles.

The Merci bin is available in two sizes, 14 and 18 liters in a numbered, limited edition. You can find it in the Merci shop in Paris or buy it online at If we don't yet ship to your country you can contact the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen to arrange delivery.

Vipp Flagship Store

Tel: +45 4588 8815 

Post August 29th 2013   Category All


Une boutique très chic!

Soon, the new limited edition Vipp bin will be presented in the Parisian concept store Merci. We zoom in on this très chic boutique…

Merci is a magical mecca that brings together the best of fashion, design and objects for the home. It opened its doors in 2009 in the heart of the historic district of Haut-Marais in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement. Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, founders of Bonpoint, the children’s fashion brand, felt the urge to create a space in Paris merging fashion and interior.

Unlike most commercial shops, Merci’s founders decided that the fruit of this investment would be donated to a fund dedicated to educational projects and development in the south-west of Madagascar.

Marie France and Bernard Cohen wanted to say ‘MERCI’ to talent, creators and customers who makes the Merci project possible.

Merci has become a platform for both young talented creators and established brands, with new exhibition every three weeks. From September 5th, Merci celebrates the MATIERES PREMIERES exhibition during the Paris Design Week. Back to basics, « material design » stands for an interest for natural and traditional material. Vipp is very proud to be featured in this exhibition with our old icon dipped in Merci’s peculiar graphic universe created by the studio be-pôles. So we say Merci Merci.

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Pedal to the metal

Vipp runs DHL

on the road to DHL's annual relay race...

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Vipp Cooking

Vipp joins the culinary feast of Copenhagen Cooking 2013

The Copenhagen Cooking festival 2013 has begun. Copenhagen cooking is Northern Europe's largest food festival, and you can experience everything from cooking schools, street kitchens, Michelin restaurants and experimental food events.

This year Copenhagen Cooking week is held for the ninth time. The food festival is a non-profit, open-source event that profiles Danish gastronomy by paying homage to the food culture, Nordic cuisine and the players on the gastronomic stage. To support this tasteful initiative, we join the fest by giving you pictures and recepies from our own foodstyling event, which took place in our flagship store in Copenhagen.

We hope you will enjoy the culinary courses that the festival offers and hopefully tryout some of our exclusive recipies. Pictures and words will be uploaded on our Facebook-page.

Vipp Facebook
Copenhagen Cooking

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A century ago

Happy 100th birthday, Little Mermaid

A century ago Edvard Eriksen created the famous statue of H.C. Andersen's "The Little Mermaid". Today Vipp celebrates her 100th birthday.

In the year of 1837 H.C. Andersen wrote what would become one of the world’s most famous fairytales – The Little Mermaid. 76 years later the Danish-Icelandic sculptor, Edward Eriksen, finished his statue carrying the same name as the story’s title. The little mermaid was a tribute to the legacy H.C. Andersen and has later become an iconic symbol of Denmark.

Today, exactly 100 years later, Vipp celebrates the work of Eriksen and pays tribute to the fairytale by bringing our mermaid blues collection back in the spotlight.

Happy birthday, little mermaid

Click here to see the mermaid blues Vipp collection

Post August 22nd 2013   Category All

Merci says 'Thank You'

with a Vipp Limited Edition

With their talent for playing with words and typography, the Parisian concept store Merci pays tribute to the almost 75-year old Vipp bin by launching a special limited edition.

During Paris Design Week 2013, starting September 5th, the Vipp bin will be dipped in Merci’s peculiar graphic universe that covers the store’s many gadgets and famous paper bag created by its graphic design studio be-pôles. Wrapped in a text describing the object itself, Merci celebrates this old icon that, despite its upcoming 75 year anniversary, has not aged a day.

Since the Vipp bin was created in 1939 by Danish craftsman, Holger Nielsen, for his wife’s hairdressing salon, only the shape of the lid has been modified. But this enduring object, renowned worldwide as a design classic, was never ‘designed’ in the strict traditional sense but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria: a pedal to free the hands; a large foot for stability; a domed steel lid for easy cleaning; ears on the side of the body for easy transportation; and use of solid materials to make it last a lifetime.

Subject to Merci’s graphic system, this design philosophy has been wrapped around two sizes of Vipp pedal bins kicking off Paris Design Week at Merci.

You can also get hold of one of the Merci bins in the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen or online at from September 5th.

Price: 14 liter, 300 euro / 2300 DKK and 18 liter, 350 euro / 2700 DKK

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Instagram Favorites

#regram #thanksforsharing #vipp

Post August 20th 2013   Category All

Vipp Mega Bin

for a clean Copenhagen

Visit our Mega Bin on Halmtorvet until 26th of august. And then on Skt. Hans Torv on Nørrebro. Find the full tour plan HERE

Post August 19th 2013   Category All

Like Father Like Son!

Short Stories by Jette Egelund

When your father is a coppersmith, it is no wonder that you may feel the urge to work with solid materials.

My grandfather, Niels, turned iron into fine things by hand during his career as a coppersmith. He began the day with a flat plate and after a good day's work the plate was turned into a coffee pot for my grandmother.

To get money on the table, the plate had to be transformed to a gutter or a downspout. Products like these were in high demand in 1932, when my father was still a young man.

But then came the crisis and my father had to help out in the workshop. Fortunately, he had learned the art of metallurgy, and was now a proud metal smith with an apprentice certificate. Now it was his turn to impress my mother, whom he had just married. Not with a coffee pot though, but with a trash bin. She needed a practical bin for her newly opened hairdressing salon. And she got one with a pedal that my father had named Vipp.

A good thing that my grandfather had taught my father to pound some iron.  

Post August 16th 2013   Category All

Detail of the week #1

Gas Station

The Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail – even tabs, drawer pulls and inserts, cooking hood, as well as gas knobs are developed in respect to the Vipp design DNA. We zoom in on the Vipp gas station...

Four ABK gas hubs are integrated directly into the kitchen island worktop and controlled by steel knobs in massive stainless steel that emerge naturally from the solid surface. A detail characteristic for many Vipp products is grooves in steel knobs and handles. The gas knobs are fitted with 21 grooves guaranteeing a firm grip when turning the knob guided by laser-engraved heat indicators.

Learn more about the Vipp kitchen here

Post August 15th   Category All

Share your interior style

with #vipp

Thank you to our Instagram followers who share their bathroom style. You can do the same with ‪#‎vipp‬ Find us on instagram @_vipp

Post August 13th 2013   Category All

Upcoming collaboration!

Can you guess with who?

In September Vipp is revealing a new collaboration. We wont say who is behind this upcoming limited edition but this image may give you a hint. Stay tuned...

Post August 9th 2013   Category All

Frame Magazine

Facing Copenhagen's Eco Challenge

This month, Frame magazine shows how companies face the huge eco challenge of keeping their cities green and clean.

"Copenhagen faces the arduous task of becoming the cleanest city in Europe by 2015. To highlight this mammoth mission, Vipp has (literally) risen to the challenge by upscaling one of its standard bins eightfold. Complete with a supersize pedal, Vipp’s bin is a fun reminder to the city’s citizens to keep Copenhagen clean". - Enya Moore, Frame Magazine

via Frame magazine

Post August 8th 2013   Category All

Behind the scenes

Next Year's Annual Colour

We are shooting next year's Vipp Annual Colour - here are a few previews in black and white. Which colour do you think hides behind the tones?

Post August 2013   Category All

Vipp Trashion Week

is adding that little extra something to Copenhagen Fashion Week!

In celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013, Vipp is dressing up for the occasion with a Trashion Week exhibition at Vipp Flagship Store.

On the catwalk you will experience the original Vipp trash can in couture by German fashion label Lever Couture.

In her Berlin based studio designer Lessja Verlingieri creates breathtaking couture for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

1400 meters of fabric processed by skillful hands in around 400 working hours transform pedal bins into amazing Trashion Bins.

Take a look behind the scenes and watch Lessja work on the Trashion Bins - just click 

5.– 21. of August
Vipp Flagship Store 
Ny Østergade 34 
1100 Copenhagen 

Original dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow
Original dress worn by Britney Spears
Original dress worn by Lady Gaga
Post July 22nd 2013   Category All

Wanna keep Copenhagen green?

Spread the word by tagging yourself and the mega bin with #vipp

Find the mega Vipp on its’ Copenhagen tour

July -  Havnebadet, Islands Brygge
August - Halmtorvet, Vesterbro
September - Sankt Hans Torv, Nørrebro
October - Akseltorv, Vesterbro


Source: Instagram #vipp
Post July 2nd 2013   Category All

And the winner is...

MEANDMYVIPP Instagram Competition

Edina, founder of the blog nordic leaves, won our MeAndMyVipp Instagram Competition with an amazing 550 likes. Congratulations! Here you have Edina’s winning shot.

Post June 11th   Category All

On the road

to Keep CPH green

Yesterday, we were on a roadtrip with a mission : To keep Copenhagen green & clean! From our warehouse in Falster in southern Sealand to Copenhagen! Join the ride...

Loading the mega bin at Vipp Warehouse in falster
On the road
Arriving in the centre of Copenhagen, Højbro Plads
Finetuning by Tue, the mega bin engineer
The bin is followed by both paparazzis and two strong bodyguards
Finding the perfect spot
The Vipp team is cheering our new, little family member
It is not Legoland
Pure love to a green Copenhagen
Melting in with the city bikes
Post June 11th 2013   Category All

Making of

Vipp mega Bin

True to materials and proportions Vipp has given its original 4-liter bin some growing pains in scale of 8:1. The mega bin has a volume of 3,800 liters and weighs 800 kg distributed on a 100-kg heavy lid in stainless steel, 400 kg steel welded together to form a body, a foot of nearly 200 kg bent steel, 80 kg milled rubber, a giant hinge, a logo machined in aluminum and a giant pedal.

Post June 7th 2013   Category All

Supersize Me!

Keep Copenhagen Green

Copenhagen has a mission - To be the cleanest city in Europe before 2015! Big goals calls for big measures, therefore Vipp has eightfolded the size of the original pedal bin.

From June 10th, Vipp will embark on a Copenhagen city tour as a fun reminder to city dwellers of keeping Copenhagen clean and green.

We start Monday on Højbro Plads. Come by and see if you can spot our little new product development.

Post May 16th 2013   Category All

Vipp Trashion Bins

by Lever Couture

The Danish design company Vipp, best known for the iconic Vipp pedal bin created in 1939, is ready to present eight unique art bins dressed in couture made by German fashion label Lever Couture.

In her Berlin based studio designer Lessja Verlingieri creates breathtaking couture for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

1400 meters of fabric processed by skillful hands in around 400 working hours transform Vipp pedal bins into amazing Trashion Bins.

“Of course it was a creative challenge to design couture for bins instead of people. But in the fun process I actually could not tell the difference, because after all, the Vipp pedal bins have a great shape and they are the stars among pedal bins”, Lessja Verlingieri.

Want to see Lessja working? Then watch the behind the scenes video:

The Vipp Trashion Bins are available from the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

Price range: 3500 - 5000 Euro

Post May 14th 2013   Category All

Growing Pains!

We are currently outgrowing ourselves a little bit.

...follow Vipp's growing pains here on Twitter, Pinterest  & Instagram at _vipp.

Post 8th of May 2013   Category All

Father's Gift

on Mother's Day

Get a free Rising Red Vipp dishwashing brush for your mother’s better half when shopping your Mother’s Day gifts at or in Vipp Flagship Store, Copenhagen. Offer ends Sunday May 12.

Post May 7th 2013   Category All

Vipp Mini Table

New Outdoor Lifestyle

Say “hello” to the summer and move outdoors with the Vipp Mini Table

The Vipp Mini Table is a multifunctional product, an all-in-one tray and table, which is perfectly suited for outdoor life. Whether for breakfast on the balcony, picnic in the park or afternoon tea on the terrace the Vipp mini table is an ideal helper.

The switch from tray to table is very easy using gas springs to fold the legs in and out. A non-slip, removable, rubber mat guarantees the stable transport of china and glass.

The Vipp Mini Table is made from aluminium, solid stainless steel and hard-wearing rubber. The rubber edges on the tray and the feet of the frame protect surfaces, while the powder lacquering makes the table extremely durable.

DIMENSIONS L/D/H: 47 x 36 x 24 cm
PRICE 249 Euro

> Learn more about the Vipp Mini Table, click here <

Post May 3rd 2013   Category All

#snap #tag #win #vipp

MEANDMYVIPP Instagram Competition

Use Instagram to win Vipp. All you have to do is:

(1) #SNAP a photo of a Vipp product
(2) #TAG it with #meandmyvipp on your instagram profile
(3) #WIN the Copenhagen tribute Vipp Pedal Bin, a green 14 liter Vipp pedal bin, if your photo gets most likes
(4) #VIPP will share their favorites on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest and announce the winner on July 1st

You can find Vipp on Instagram '_vipp'

And you can follow the race for most likes here

Prize: A Copenhagen Green 14 liters Vipp pedal bin
Post April 17th 2013   Category All

Vipp x Colette x Darcel

Bin+brush set by Darcel

Parisian retail darling colette and Danish design manufacturer Vipp once again join forces by inviting regular conspirator Craig Redman and his monocled, egg-shaped alter-ego Darcel to reinterpret a series of classic Vipp products.

The Australian-born designer Craig Redman's cynical and hilarious one-eyed creature lives online at ‘Darcel Disappoints’ in a chronicle of the ups and downs of everyday NYC. Now, Darcel is unfolding his colorful cartoonish creativity onto two of Vipp’s iconic products; the Vipp pedal bin created in 1939 and its companion, the toilet brush.

"I think the juxtaposition between Darcel's sense of humor, colette's taste and vibrancy, and Vipp's high quality products make for a great combo. And I really need a new toilet brush." - Craig Redman

The 4 liter Vipp pedal bin and toilet brush are available in a limited edition with a splash of Darcel’s cartoonish universe exclusively in colette and at from June.


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Vernissage à la Vipp

Cuisine Art Bins on Expo

The limited edition culinary art bins by 3 star Michelin Chef are now on expo in the chef's gallery l'Arrière Cuisine in Paris.

Vipp held a vernissage where none of the chef's delicious degustations ended up in the Vipp bin. Learn how to get your own 3 star bin here

Post March 25th 2013   Category All

Vipp Easter Competition

Send a ”gækkebrev”/easter greeting to a friend who you think have deserved to win Vipp’s Easter competition. Join the competition here:

Post March 15th 2013   Category All

Material World

Vipp in the making

In their March issue, Dutch design magazine Eigenhuis & Interieur takes a look behind the scenes in the Vipp factory and demonstrates that beauty is not only associated with the finished object; but equally can be found in its making.

Key Production Facts:

- Since 1939, the only major change in the appearance of the Vipp bin is the rounded lid. In 1949 the lid form changed from a wavy to a rounded shape because of new production techniques. 

- The lid is hauled from a stainless steel plate with a pressure of 110 tons per cm. Afterwards the steel is polished to obtain a smooth surface.

- Lids are mounted and adjusted with handpower. It takes a skilled craftsman to ensure the perfect closing mechanism. An experienced craftsman can assemble five bins in an hour. 

- The coated bins are quenched for 10 minutes in a large oven heated to 170 degrees. At this temperature colour molecules melt together and create a shockproof and solid surface.  

- The pedal bin is spot welded with a precision of 0,2 mm. Annual steel consumption amounts to 150 tons.

>See the video of the production 

Post March 14th 2013   Category All

3 Michelin Star Ingredients

unfold on the Vipp pedal bin

With his collection of Vipp pedal bins, presented in his kitchen annex l‘Arrière Cuisine’ hidden behind his 3 Michelin star restaurant l’Arpège in Paris, world-renowned chef Alain Passard is mixing his passion for colourful cuisine and quality kitchen tools.

Originally, the Danish design company Vipp created the pedal bin for the professional market, where doctors, hairdressers and chefs found it indispensable due to its sturdy physique and practical pedal. Since 1939, the Vipp bin has made its entry into restaurants worldwide; and is today entering the Arrière-Cuisine curated by Alain Passard.

“I want to surround myself with functional products that help me focus on my métier. When Vipp invited me to do a collection of their bins, the answer was evidently yes; I wanted to embellish this classic and discreteobject with my collages”, explains Alain Passard.

The collages realized by Alain Passard are visual translations of his passion for cooking: a play of coloursand textures found on paper as well as on his plates. The artworks reflect the influence of vegetables in his kitchen and the importance of the eye in the creation of a recipe. Together with his book ‘Recette et Collages’ recently published in English (‘The art of cooking with vegetables), the collaboration with Vipp is a testimony to his artistic approach to cooking combined with his predilection for high-quality kitchen tools.

From his book of 48 illustrated recipes, the chef has selected 10 to decorate Vipp’s more than 70-year old bin transformed to a limited edition collection of 40 numbered copies sold exclusively in the Arrière-Cuisineof l’Arpège and in the Vipp Flagships Store in Copenhagen.

The limited edition bins are available from May 15 in three sizes: 15, 18, and 30 liters with 10 different motives sold together with Alain Passard’s book ‘Recipes & Collages’ starting from 300 euro.

Vipp Flagship Store Ny Østergade 34 1101 København K

Arrière Cuisine 57, rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris

Post 7th of March 2013   Category All

Vipp Documentary

on Jyllandsposten

One of Denmark’s biggest newspapers, Jyllandsposten, has made a behind-the-scenes video about Vipp.

Check out the film and get a glimpse of Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp, and her son Kasper Egelund, CEO, telling the ups and downs in a family company with great ambitions. See the movie here  

Post March 6th 2013   Category All

Vipp Exhibition

in Johannes Fog

Danish Vipp partner, Johannes Fog, has allocated their entire lobby area for a Vipp exhibition.

From the 6th-24th of March you can explore the Vipp universe and get introduced to the Vipp products when visiting Johannes Fog in Lyngby, Denmark. Get a sneak peak in the photos below and please visit the exhibition if you are in the neighbourhood.

Johannes Fog Exhibition March 2013
Johannes Fog Exhibition March 2013
Post February 28th   Category All

Get brushed up

Broom & Dustpan

Did you know the Vipp collection also holds a broom & dustpan?

Until March 18th, Vipp is brushing up the Copenhagen Flagship Store with an exhibition where brooming becomes weight-less with brooms and dustpans gliding through the air.

Learn more about the broom & dustpan

Post February 27th 2013   Category All

Hot table tools

The Vipp Trivet

10 things you probably didn't know about the new Vipp trivet:

1. The trivet set consists of a small and large trivet fitted into each other.

2. The trivets are laser cut in 3 mm solid stainless steel.

3. Sprockets in the steel rings are fitted with heat resistant silicone rubber profiles.   

4. The inspiration for the design came from toothed wheels characterized by their fit and solid materials.

5. Weighs 450 grams.

6. Measures 20 cm in Diameter and 1.5 cm in height.

7. Is approved for hot items up to 275 degrees Celsius.

8. The silicone can be taken of the metal rings for extra thorough cleaning.

9. Is designed by Vipp's Chief Designer Morten Bo Jensen.

10. The Vipp logo is placed with a fiber laser.



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Vipp opens UK online store

Vipp is thrilled to announce that the anticipated online shopping site is now live to customers and fans throughout the U.K. The full Vipp product family of kitchen and bathroom accessories including the iconic Vipp pedal bin will be available to ship to anywhere in the UK.

Post February 21st 2013   Category All

The New York Times features

The Vipp soap dispenser

The Vipp soap dispenser is featured in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times today.

Industrial designer Hlynur Atlason about our product, "These guys obviously wanted to make the best soap dispenser, regardless of what it cost,” he said. “It is a really high-quality product, almost an overkill quality product. The fact that it exists just helps design".

We agree, and we thank Mr. Atlason for the kind words.

Check out the article here

And view the slideshow here

Vipp soap dispenser in the New York Times
Post February 15th 2013   Category All

The Vipp Table


The new Vipp Table is featured on this week.

Learn more about the Vipp Table

Vipp Table on
Post February 14th 2013   Category All

Completely Hooked

on Valentine’s Day

Vipp spreads the love from the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen where the new Vipp suction hook is attached to the window forming a giant heart connected by pink thread.

Did you know that: The Danish Technological Institute has tested the adherence and weight ability of the Vipp Suction Hook and proved that it can carry 1000g of weight without loosening its grip or sliding downwards?

Learn more about the new Vipp Suction Hook

Post February 13th 2013   Category All

Valentine's Day Preview

Hooked on Love

Love is in the air in the Vipp Flagship Store where we are preparing for Valentine's Day with a lot of Vipp Suction Hooks and plenty of pink thread

Post February 13th 2013   Category All


Best Loo

Wallpaper's Best Loo features the new Vipp shelf for the bathroom in black powder coated aluminum

Learn more about Vipp accessories for the loo here

Post February 11th 2013   Category All

Take a seat

at the Vipp table

The Vipp table features a table top made of untreated, recycled teak planks, making each table unique. Every table top thus stands out with its own distinctive character.

The table frame is constructed in powder coated aluminum and is assembled with solid corner profiles, a steel wire stabilizer and countersunk screws, giving the table an industrial feel. The table is equipped with set screws making it possible to adapt to uneven floors.

“Now that we have a whole Vipp kitchen concept, it seemed very natural to extend the collection with a table to complete the look. The table frame is the same used for the kitchen modules, ensuring stability and visual coherence. For the table top we chose natural wood that can stand daily wear and tear – it will actually develop a beautiful patina over time and create contrast to the smooth aluminum”, Morten Bo Jensen, Vipp Chief Designer.

The table is available with a frame in matte black or gloss white.

L / W / H in cm: 250 x 95 x 72

2685 EUR / 2310 GBP / $ 3550

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Thuishaven = Home

of Morten Bo Jensen

Today, the new format of Dutch Elle Decoration is released, and in it Vipp's Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen, welcomes you inside his home in an old pencil factory in Copenhagen.

Post February 7th 2013   Category All

A kitchen for your Vipp bin

The installation

A customer in Geneva is getting a new kitchen today

Post February 5th 2013   Category All

A happy winner!

The German B2B hairdressing magazine Clips put a Vipp bin at stake in their December competition. The winner, Barbara, was so amazed with her prize – a white Vipp15 pedal bin – that she sent the editorial team this thank you card, saying “the Vipp bin is so amazing, much to good looking for the disposal of waste”.  We say thank you for the compliment and congratulations with your Vipp.

Post January 31th 2013   Category All

If a trash bin can...

... then what? Learn what design can do for a brand according to this American design & business blog...

Post January 24th 2013   Category All

Ray of Grey

Get a glimpse of the launch

Last week we launched the annual colour 2013 "Ray of Grey" in our flagship store. Watch the clip to get some live impressions. 

Post January 17th 2013   Category All

Vipp Annual Colour 2013

Ray of Grey

After a decade of exploring nuances from a vivacious colour palette, Vipp keeps it simple with a ‘Ray of Grey’.

The Vipp Annual Colour 2013 is a tribute to Vipp’s design philosophy of ‘form follows function’ resulting in a range of functional tools with a simple and pure aesthetic.

“We liked the idea of keeping it simple this year by fading to grey. Together with its matte finish and structured surface, the warm grey tone emphasizes the industrial features of the Vipp collection, reflecting the Vipp pedal bin’s origin as a solid, industrial tool for Danish clinics.” – Morten Bo Jensen, Chief designer.

The Ray of Grey collection will be in stores from 1st of March 2013 as long as stock lasts.

The collection includes:
Vipp Pedal Bin 4l, 209,- Euro
Vipp Toilet Brush, 165,- Euro
Vipp Soap Dispenser, 99,- Euro
Vipp Toothbrush Holder, 69,- Euro

Post January 10th   Category All

Vipp Annual Colour 2013

What's your guess?

Take a guess on the Vipp Annual Colour 2013!

Since 2006 Vipp has every year developed a new annual colour and this year is no exception. Visit us on Facebook and take a guess on the Vipp Annual Colour 2013 before it is released on January 17th.

Post January 9th 2013   Category All

Test result of the Vipp Suction Hook: Approved!

The Danish Technological Institute has tested the adherence ability of the Vipp Suction Hook. The suction hooks were mounted on a glass surface and loaded with 500g, 750g and 1000g weights. After three weeks all of the suction hooks were still sitting perfectly on the surface. They had not even slid downward.

Learn more here.

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Vipp in Eurowoman

Vipp is feaured in the January issue of the Danish Magazine Eurowoman

Sofie Egelund, 3rd generation in Vipp, has been interviewed for the cool Danish magazine, Eurowoman. The article is about being a part of a family-run company; the expectations, joys and challenges involved in this job. 

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Vipp in Residence

Vipp is feaured in the January issue of the cool Swedish interior magazine Residence.

The Vipp ceramics has been used in a beutifully styled ceramics editorial. More pictures and inspiraton can be found in the new Residence magazine - in stores now! For more info on the Vipp ceramics click here  

Post January 2nd 2013   Category All

And the Winners are...

Vipp Christmas Calendar Competition

We are happy to announce the 25 winners of the Vipp Christmas Calendar Competition and give you the correct answers behind each door. All winners, including those who have won an extra gift, will be contacted directly via email.

December 1st
Prize: a white soap dispenser
Question: What characterizes the design of the Vipp soap dispenser?
Answer: A specially manufactured pump, silicone rubber, and stainless steel
Winner: Jutta Lieberum
Country: Germany

December 2nd
Prize: a white milk jug
Question: The Vipp milk jug exists in the following colours
Answer: White & Grey Submit with e-mail:
Winner: David Blomgren
Country: Sweden

December 3rd
Prize: a Vipp pedal bin in Rising Red, 8 L
Question: Vipp bins bought after 2008 holds an extended warranty of
Answer: 10 years
Winner: Lotta Larsdotter
Country: Sweden

December 4th
Prize: a Vipp shower wiper
Question: The Vipp product family contains functional tools for the
Answer: bathroom & kitchen
Winner: Kathrine Doesviek
Country: Norway

December 5th
Prize: a toilet brush in Copenhagen Green
Question: Who designed the Vipp toilet brush?
Answer: Jette Egelund
Winner: Louise Skov
Country: Denmark

December 6th
Prize: a set of coffee cups
Question: The new Vipp ceramics collection consists of how many items?
Answer: 7
Winner:  Rauni Petramoi
Country: Finland

December 7th
Prize: a laundry bin in Copenhagen Green
Question: The holes in the cover of the laundry bin have its origins in the need to ventilate laundry. How many holes are perforated in the steel?
Answer: 1900
Winner: Christiane Minier
Country: France

December 8th
Prize: 2 glasses from Vipp, 15 cl
Question: The new Vipp glassware exists in how many sizes?
Answer: 2
Winner: Collette Peek
Country: Holland

December 9th
Prize: a brunchset
Question: The Vipp brunchset consists of?
Answer: A bowl, a plate, an egg ring and a coffee cup
Winner: Nigel Howard
Country: United Kingdom

December 10th
Prize: a Vipp pedal bin in black, 4 L
Question: Originally the Vipp pedal bin was sold exclusively to
Answer: The industrial market
Winner: Susan Andersen
Country: Denmark

December 11th
Prize: towels in Rising Red
Question: The Vipp bin has been customized by more than 100 artists and celebrities. How much did the customized bins raise for charity?
Answer: More than DKK 1,000,000
Winner: Monica Gogniat
Country: Switzerland

December 12th
Prize: a soap dispenser in Copenhagen Green
Question: What was the name of Vipp's yellow annual colour?
Answer: Yellow Cab
Winner: Clare Christensen
Country: Luxembourg

December 13th
Prize: a broom & dustpan set
Question: The most recent Vipp art project resulted in a multi-colour dotted bin created by
Answer: Damien Hirst
Winner: Maurizio Pennino
Country: Italy

December 14th
Prize: 2 glasses, 30 cl
Question: What was the motif used by Kevin Lyons for the Limited Edition collection for Colette
Answer: Blue Monsters
Winner: Patrick Antolini
Country: France

December 15th
Prize: two espresso cups
Question: The new Vipp bathroom modules feature a table top in
Answer: Corian
Winner: Melanie Van Der Steen
Country: Holland

December 16th
Prize: a Vipp pedal bin in Rising Red, 14 L
Question: Only one element of the Vipp bin has changed its look since 1939, which is
Answer: The lid
Winner: Stephanie Bach
Country: Denmark

December 17th
Prize: a Vipp soap dish in white
Question: Vipp is a family owned company in
Answer: 3rd generation
Winner: Gerard Baut
Country: Belgium

December 18th
Prize: 2 Vipp ceramic bowls
Question: When did Vipp open its very first flagship store?
Answer: December 2011
Winner: Christopher Soehngen
Country: Germany

December 19th
Prize: a Vipp bread box in Copenhagen Green
Question: In how many countries does Vipp have dealers
Answer: 32
Winner: Andrew Kearsey
Country: United Kingdom

December 20th
Prize: two ceramic tea cups
Question: The Vipp shelves are constructed out of
Answer: a 3mm aluminium plate
Winner: Gerard
Country: United Kingdom

December 21st
Prize: a toothbrush holder in Copenhagen Green
Question: This December, the Vipp product family is welcoming:
Answer: a suction hook
Winner: Pia Riikola
Country: Finland

December 22nd
Prize: a dishwashing brush in Rising Red
Question: When was 'Rising Red' Vipp's Annual Colour?
Answer: 2011
Winner: Willemijn Woldman
Country: Holland

December 23rd
Prize: a salt and pepper set
Question: Which celebrity hosted the 2008 Vipp Charity Auction in New York?
Answer: Helena Christensen
Winner:Sille Skov
Country: Denmark

December 24th
Prize: Vipp pedal bin in black, 24 liters
Question: What has Vipp launched to match your bin?
Answer: A kitchen
Winner: Betina Zachariasen
Country: Denmark

December 24th extra prize
Prize: Vipp pedal bin in black, 24 liters
Question: Which product hides behind door # 24?
Answer: VIPP 24 pedal bin
Winner: Janeth Graf 
Country: Sweden

Happy New Years to all who participated

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Vipp Suction Hook

The suction hook is made of stainless steel and rubber. Mount items like the Vipp shower wiper or dishwashing brush securely on plain surfaces without the need of drilling holes in tiles and walls. Simply activate the suction hook by pushing the hanger upwards and it adheres to the surface.  The high quality steel allows the suction hook to be placed even in the shower without any risk of corrosion.

Learn more here

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Pantone Colour of the Year's Green

Once again Pantone has combed the world looking for color influences to arrive at the selcetion of Colour of the Year 2013 - and the winner is Green.

As a dominant influencer within product development in numerous industries, we are once again a bit proud to see a remarkable coherence between the Vipp Annual Colours and the following Pantone Colour of the Year. 2013's winner - PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald - could just as well be named Vipp Copenhagen Green. And we get a deja vu to the Vipp Yellow Cab, Mermaid Blues & Rising Red who all seemed to precede the choice of the jury.

>See previous examples of resemblance between Vipp & Pantone colours

Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.”

Via Pantone

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Let it snow

Copenhagen is covered in snow. So at the Vipp headquarters we have built a Vipp snowman.

The snow has caused all electricity to fail in the central part of Copenhagen, so in the Vipp store we are lighting our Christmas table.

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In unexpected places

We got an email this weekend from Tina Egdalen from Esbjerg with an attached photo of a Vipp bin in quite unexpected surroundings.

Last year Tina's daughter Ida visited her sponsor child in Gambia, where she one day found herself in a garden with a familiar object from back home.

Thank you for sending us this picture.

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Good Morning

with Vipp Ceramics

We found this image on Pinterest and suddenly a solid breakfast served on quality ceramics felt ever more intriguing.

Breakfast is served on the Vipp plate, bowl, egg ring and coffecup. Discover more here

Follow Vipp on Pinterest

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24 x inspiration

for Christmas

The Vipp Flagship Store windows offer 24 ideas for the wish list.

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Happy 1st Birthday

Vipp Flagship Store

One year ago, Vipp opened the doors to its very first flagship store.

To celebrate its 1st birthday, the store invites you for a glass of champagne and to discover the new kitchen setup.

December 1st
Ny Østergade 35
1101 Copenhagen K


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All wrapped up

The Package Design Book

An international roundup to contemorary packaging design is published in the new Taschen book 'The Package Design Book 2'.

Featuring a selection of over 400 works from 30 countries, the book brings together all the Pentawards winners of 2011 & 2012, showcasing a broad range of creativity within packaging.

The Vipp packaging won a Silver Pentaward in 2011 in the category Home Improvement & Decoration, and is portrayed in the book side by side with potting soil, rubber boots and garage tools; all in very creative packaing. See more here 

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Vipp Mini Table's 100 perfect gifts

In's Holiday Shopping guide presenting 100+ perfect gifts for every personality, you will find the Vipp Mini Table as a favorite for the 'Minimalist'.

See's Holiday Shopping guide here & learn more about the Vipp Mini Table here

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Vipp Christmas Calendar

24 days, 24 gifts, 24 chances

December 1st Vipp is opening the first door in the Vipp Christmas calendar competition.

December suddenly feels a lot warmer and the countdown for Christmas a lot shorter when you can win functional tools from the Vipp product family each day until the 24th of December. Prizes range from the new Vipp ceramics collection to the original Vipp pedal bin.

See you on December 1st at

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Kitchen of the Year

Elle Decoration Norway - Design Awards

Norweigan Elle Decoration has awarded the Vipp kitchen with a new title - 'Årets Kjøkken' meaning 'Kitchen of the year'.

We are very proud to achieve this recognition. Elle Decoration's award is based on the industrially inspired, simple, yet timeless, and functional design of the Vipp kitchen.

“Vipp’s experience lies within product design focusing on solid materials, mechanics and function. As a consequence we have chosen to design the Vipp kitchen as a product or rather as a piece of furniture. The result is a range of kitchen modules where choices have already been made based on a thorough knowledge of materials combined with an aesthetic opinion on what constitutes good design.” – chief designer in Vipp, Morten Bo Jensen.

The winners of Elle Decoration's Design Awards are automnatically in the competition of being recognized by EDIDA, the international design award during Salone Del Mobile in April 2013. We cross our fingers.

>Learn more about the Vipp kitchen

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Christmas Spirit

In the making

A Vipp Christmas Calendar is in the making. From December 1st you will be able to win a new Vipp gift each day until the 24th of December.

See you on December 1st where the first door in the calendar will open.

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In the making

Display for new Vipp products

Two new products will be added to the Vipp product family in December. Our production team is working full speed to prepare the displays that will present the new products at our dealers.

Soon we will reveal what our design team has been working on for the past year, so stay tuned on the blog.

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Bathroom Digest

New Windows

The Vipp bathroom module has taken center stage in our shop windows. Accompagnied by the the new Vipp mirror and accessories in white, the 3 unit bathroom module enters a clean, white and minimalistic universe ready to digest.

Vipp bathroom modules are available at Vipp Flagship Store

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Good Morning

Breakfast is served with the new Vipp ceramics plate and coffee cup

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Like Pinning?

Follow Vipp on Pinterest

Now you can follow Vipp's official Pinterest profile and repin your favorites from the categories 'Kitchen', 'Bathroom', 'Collaborations', 'Colours' and many more....
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Annual Colour 2013

in the making

Our photographer Anders Hviid is currently shooting the upcoming Vipp Annual Colour 2013. The countdown has begun to remove the camouflage and reveal next year's Vipp colour.

via Flickr
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Rue Neuve Brussels

Inno Windows

Once again Vipp has been so lucky to get several meters of window along the main walking street in Brussels. The windows belong to one of our customers, the department store Inno, who allowed us to create 3 unique window displays. One of the windows feature the new dotted limited edition by Damien Hirst.

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Served, styled, shot & swallowed

iPhones were blitzing non-stop during our foodstyling lunch, but so were photographer Anders Hviid behind his lense in his photo studio. Here is the result of the day served, styled, shot and swallowed on the Vipp ceramics.

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Saturday Edition

of Belgian Sabato

Belgian lifestyle magazine Sabato has featured a grand selection of Vipp art bins together with an interview with owner of Vipp, Jette Egelund.

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Behind the scenes

Live styling & Cooking Workshop

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Behind the scenes

Live styling & Cooking Workshop

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Making a good first impression with


It was an easy choice finding the chef to take the scene in our live styling & cooking event. Given his extensive experience as chef, having followed his delicious blog and reading his food articles in some of the best food & cooking magazines in Denmark, Mikkel Karstad was an obvious choice to take charge in the Vipp kitchen during the workshop.

Since 1995 Mikkel Karstad has explored the culinary world as chef in Michelin awarded restaurants including La Tante Claire in London, Era Ora in Copenhagen and as gastronomic advisor to Danish star chef Claus Meyer and in recent years as food writer and stylist. He has learned that in cooking there is more than whats meet the eye but that the eye nevertheless plays a key role in the meeting with food.

"My food genre is inspired by different cuisines, but with deep roots in the Nordic, the raw materials from the Nordic countries and seasons.
Through your eyes you get the first contact of a course, so styling of food and the way in which it is served is of extreme importance – if you get a good first impression, you also want to taste the food", Mikkel explains.

The key styling priciple for the workshop was to show all ingredients contained in each recipe. Giving space and air to each ingredient makes the course more approachable and understandable.

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Live styling & Cooking Event

Two days ago, the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen was turned into a culinary workshop where cooking and styling were the main ingredients. 40 journalists and bloggers from Denmark and abroad were invited to explore all of their senses during a Nordic autumn lunch prepared, cooked and styled by chef Mikkel Karstad.

Since 1995 Mikkel Karstad has explored the culinary world as chef in La Tante Claire in London, 3 stars in Guide Michelin, as chef at restaurant Era Ora, 1 star in Guide Michelin, as gastronomic advisor to Claus Meyer and in recent years as food writer and stylist. For two hours Mikkel delighted us with culinary treats from the Nordic cuisine including Danish squid and pumpkin soup, oysters, tartare on rye bread, salt baked sellery with mushrooms and finally baked plums with vanilla icecream and soft caramel. After each serving he presented his take on how to style the recipe and invited the guests to do the same in in our pop-up photo studio run photographer Anders Hviid.

Anders Hviid's experience within the food & living category has taken him from rural Italy to Danish Noma. We also invited all guests to capture the styling with own phones.

Here are some of our snapshots from a very inspiring day with the perfect setting of a rainy fall day in Copenhagen.


Chef Mikkel Karstad
Preparing pumpkin soup with Danish squid
Freshly Baked bread and Il Fornaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Welcome to Mikkel Karstad's Live Cooking School
Soup served with the Vipp milk jug and bowl
Tartare on baked rye bread
Photo studio
Styling in the pop-up photo studio with help from Chief Editor of Dutch Elle Eten, Edine Russel
Salt baked celeriac with mushrooms on Vipp plate
Props table
Delicious tea from Løv Organic
Oyster feast served on the Vipp egg ring
Freshly grinded salt & pepper is essential
Sea buckthorn and pirate queen puffs from Summerbird
Vanilla ice cream, plum, and caramel
The plates of Summerbird chocolate were emptied in seconds
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Goodie bag ingredients

After a lunch filled with delicious treats, the goodie bag had to contain a similar standard. So we had collected some of our favorites from the 'fine food' category.

Summerbird provided delicious queen puffs with liqourice, passion fruit and the original dark chocolate. Løv Organic keept us warm with their new blend Løv is Beautiful. Il Fornaio treated us with their Black Full Grain Rice, Organic Primitivo Bread, and their tomato sauce Polpa Di Pomodoro. Raw Bite gave us their award winning raw food bar, Mill & Mortar their salt and honey coated almonds and Vitamin Well their key source for daily vitamins. Finally, Estate Coffee added our favorite beans Tres Flores to the goodie bag.

And Vipp gave away a set of our new espresso cups and glasses.  

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Vipp Mini Table Competition

And the winner is...

Marie Ambeck, Denmark. Congratulations! Stay tuned for more competitions on our blog and facebook.

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Autumn in the orangery

We just received these images from a customer, who has taken full use of her Vipp 'Rising Red' products in her orangery.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with a 30 liters pedal bin, a soap dispenser, a dishwashing brush, towels, and a broom and dustpan set from Vipp.


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The Dotted Vipp Bin

by Damien Hirst

The internatinally renowned artist Damien Hirst has created a limited edition of the Vipp bin exclusively for Astrup Fearnley Museet.

When Danish craftsman Holger Nielsen created the pedal bin in 1939 it was only intended for his wife’s hairdressing salon. Since then, the small waste bin has been on quite a journey and is now entering the colourful world of the internationally renowned artist Damien Hirst. An exclusive and limited collection will be presented at the opening of Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo on the 29th of September. The museum is designed by the architect Renzo Piano and will house some of today’s most important contemporary artists.

Damien Hirst is one of today’s most successful living artist and throughout his career he has won several prestigious prizes incl. the Turner Prize. Damien Hirst became famous for challenging the art world up through the 80’s and 90’s and his controversial works has been discussed by professionals all over the world. One of Damien Hirst’s most discussed pieces, is the “spot painting”, which is created by rows of randomly coloured circles. This is the also the piece of art, which has inspired Damien Hirst in the interpretation of the Vipp bin.

“I’ve always loved colour, playing with colour, moving colours around. Designing a Vipp bin using spots makes the Vipp bin joyful“– Damien Hirst.

A limited number of bins will be sold exclusively from the Astrup Fearnley Museet. Price 3400NOK

Astrup Fearnley Museet
Albert Nordengen plass 2
0125 Oslo, Norway

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Pop-Up Party

in SPRMRKT Amsterdam

We kicked off Dutch Design Week with a party in SPRMRKT to celebrate the opening of the 'As Good As New' shop filled with vintage furniture and the limited edition Vipp series specially customized for SPRMRKT.

More than 100 persons participated in our lottery to win one of the limited edition pedal bins. And the lucky winner was very happy.

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A vintage Vipp is ‘As Good as New’

Limited Edition collection for SPRMRKT

A limited edition of customized vintage Vipp pedal bins will be available in the ‘As Good As New’ pop-up shop in one of Amsterdam’s coolest fashion- and vintage stores SPRMRKT. This collaboration is kick starting Dutch Design Week with brand new second hand design.

Under the motto ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, Vipp collaborated with the new Dutch furniture brand As Good As New to create a pop-up store in SPRMRKT displaying a recycled home where you find the limited edition series of vintage Vipp bins together with a selection of vintage sofas, chairs and lamps all turned ‘As Good As New’ with a environmentally friendly, grey powder coating. Behind the 'As Good As New' furniture concept is Dutch agency Gummo in collaboration with Krimpex Coating Systems and I29 Interior Architects who has realized the installation of the shop in SPRMRKT.

"Everything  in SPRMRKT’s recycled home is covered in a mat, dark grey nuance, which gives the little shop a highly conceptual look with arty vintage furniture mixing in perfectly in SPRMRKT’s high-fashion universe. " - Nelleke Strijkers, owner of SPRMRKT.

The Vipp pedal bin is an object dating back to 1939 when it was created for a hairdressing salon. It soon became an indispensable object in Danish clinics due to its practical pedal-operated function, its ears for easy transport and wide foot granting it stability. “Today, my father’s bin has conquered the heart of design enthusiasts worldwide and this collaboration with SPRMRKT is a way of showing that even a vintage bin, perhaps dating back to the 60’s, can be ‘as good as new’ due to its robust design in solid materials”, says Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and daughter of Holger Nielsen, creator of the Vipp bin.

The ‘As Good As New’ Vipp limited edition starts from 250 eur. Sold exclusively in SPRMRKT from September 20th



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And the winner is

Congratulations Anette Carlson from Sweden who is the winner of the new Vipp bathroom tap made in solid brushed stainless steel. Thanks to everyone who participated - stay tuned for more competitions.

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Pop-Up Shop in SPRMRKT

A Vintage Vipp is 'As Good As New'

Join us in Amsterdam in SPRMRKT on Sept. 20th One of Amsterdam’s coolest fashion- and vintage stores SPRMRKT is kick starting Dutch Design Week with the opening of a pop-up shop with brand new second hand furniture. A limited edition of customized vintage Vipp pedal bins will be available in the ‘As Good As New’ shop.

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The Tattooed Vipp Bin by Jean-Luc Moerman

The iconic Vipp pedal bin is now available in a limited edition for SMETS created by Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman known for his application of tattoo art and explosive colour universe.

When Danish craftsman Holger Nielsen created the pedal bin in 1939 it was only intended for his wife’s haidressing salon. Since then, the small waste bin has been on quite a journey and is now entering the vivid world of Jean-Luc Moerman with 30 exclusive editions in two sizes. The limited edition collection will be presented in Smets during Design September Brussels.

For Jean-Luc Moerman this collaboration signifies a new chapter in his art project ‘Connectingthings’ describing the movement of interactivity with which he paints, design and intervene on multiple types of surfaces.

“The principle that drives my work is the continuity of the process, starting in my atelier and exits to reproduce itself on various surfaces – and this time on a Danish design icon, the Vipp pedal bin,” explains Jean-Luc Moerman

With a black and white tattoo on a multicoloured background, Jean-Luc Moerman is giving a 70-year old design object a highly contemporary twist.  The 4 & 30 liter Vipp bin are available in Smets Premium Store Brussels and on from September 13th.

Price: 4 liters 300 EUR, 30 liters 400 EUR

SMETS Premium Store Brussels
650 652 Chaussée de Louvain | B-1030 Bruxelles

Jean-Luc Moerman
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Vipp goes Plaza

The Swedish interior magazine Plaza visited us some month ago and now you can see the outcome of their photo shoot on 8 amazing pages!

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by Vipp

Vipp is launching drinking glasses in two sizes. Together with the ceramicist Annemette Kissow Vipp is expanding its range of functional design for the kitchen with two sizes of drinking glasses that match the recently launched ceramics series. Each mug is mouth-blown and then polished by hand.

"Even though we are working with a new type of material and a different genre of traditional design, the principle about the material and the treatment thereof defining the form and thus removing all unnecessary decoration is a recurring theme in all of Vipp's products. This is regardless of whether we are manufacturing a glass mug or an entire kitchen," explains Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer of Vipp.

Vipp drinking glasses come in packs of two in the sizes 15cl or 33cl and are dishwasher-safe.

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Vipp x Smets x Jean-Luc Moerman

The Tattooed Bin Collection

Smets invites you to a pre-release of the new Vipp limited edition ‘Tattooed Bin Collection’ customised by Jean-Luc Moerman exclusively for Smets. Join us for a cocktail on September 13th at 7 PM where you can meet the designer and the family behind the Danish design company Vipp.

Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman is known for his application of tattoo art and explosive colour universe. For Jean-Luc Moerman this collaboration signifies a new chapter in his art project ‘Connectingthings’ describing the movement of interactivity with which he paints, design and intervene on multiple types of surfaces.

“The principle that drives my work is the continuity of the process, starting in my atelier and exits to reproduce itself on various surfaces – and this time on a Danish design icon, the Vipp pedal bin,” explains Jean-Luc Moerman.

We look forward to see you in Smets Premium Store Brussels on September 13th at 19h00.

Jean-Luc Moerman
Jean-Luc Moerman
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Visit Vipp

at Maison & Objet Paris

September 7th - 11th Vipp will be exhibiting the entire collection of kitchen and bathroom products at the Now Design à Vivre fair at Maison & Objet in Paris.

Come and discover the new shelves, ceramics and glassware series as well as the new taps at hall 8 b 27.

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Premium Store Brussels

September 13th, Vipp and the concept store SMETS in Brussels are launching a unique collaboration with a Belgian artist. For those of you who haven't been so lucky to visit the store yet - here are some highlights:

Smets originates in Luxembourg where Carine Smets set up the family business in 1986. Today, Smets boasts 25 boutiques and employs 148 people.

In December 2011, Smets Premium Store Brussles opened it's doors. Like the other Smets locations, it exudes a strong sense of personality. In Brussels, Estelle Benatar and Florent Cenni’s Zoom Architecture took on the architecture and interior design, creating a streamlined look in which function and aesthetics exist in perfect balance. The result is an inspiring backdrop and eclectic mix of fashion, design and art forms.

For more info go to

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Coming up

Vipp x SMETS x ???

We have a new exciting project coming up with our favourite Belgian concept store SMETS

Vipp & SMETS have invited a Belgian artist to create a limited edition collection of classic Vipp products. More info will follow soon....

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Delivering a Vipp Kitchen

Delivering a kitchen to the Danish Red Bull office requires some big tools

A 5 mm thick and 6 meter long table top in massive stainless steel aiming for 5th floor in the centre of Copenhagen required a very long crane.

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Ärets Kök = Kitchen of the Year

We are very pleased with the award for Kitchen of The Year by Swedish Plaza Magazine. Thank you

If you haven't yet discovered the Vipp kitchen we hope you will here

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New Vipp product hitting stores soon...

Can you guess what it is?!

Take a guess via Facebook!/

Sneak peak of the new Vipp product... Can you guess what it is?
Post Auhust 27th 2012   Category All


in the making

When working with design the focus seems to always be on the finished object. But sometimes the process of making the object is equally fascinating.

One of our product engineers brought his camera to the factory, where the new Vipp ceramics are produced. Hand-casted in the finest quality porcelain with surfaces glazed on the inside and water polished by hand on the outside, each piece of ceramic is a result of a thorough process from which it obtains a soft surface with a matt look. Like the existing Vipp products, the ceramics distinct itself by its soft shapes interrupted by sharp lines in traditional white and grey.

“Even though we are working with a completely different material, the outcome carries the same DNA as when we process steel and aluminium – a product stripped to the bone with a minimalistic look where material and processing define the design ” explains Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer in Vipp

>Learn more about the collection

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The taps are running

in Vipp Flagship Store

Windows in the Vipp Flagship Store are now boasting the new series of taps for the kitchen and bathroom.

The theme of the window is the technicalities of the two new taps.

Chief Designer in Vipp, Morten Bo Jensen, comments on the background for expanding Vipp's product family with kitchen and bathroom taps.

Name: Morten Bo Jensen
Company: VIPP
Job description: Chief designer since 2006
Product: Kitchen and bathroom taps
Why: We wanted to create a set of highly functional, high-quality taps with a simple design.
For: We have designed the taps to match most kitchens and bathrooms and, of course, Vipp’s own kitchen and bathroom modules.

>Visit the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen

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NEW: Taps

Vipp gets the water flowing

Vipp is launching a kitchen and bathroom tap made of solid brushed stainless operated by means of a separate lever.

The taps’ technical finesses include a limescale-resistant aerator and a ceramic cartridge which, with a minimum of maintenance, together ensure a drip-free tap and an even flow even after many years of use. Both taps feature a swivel spout, and the kitchen tap also has a practical pull-out spray nozzle.

“Our starting point was to create a set of highly functional, high-quality taps with a simple design that would match most kitchens and bathrooms and, of course, Vipp’s own kitchen and bathroom modules,” says Vipp’s Senior Designer Morten Bo Jensen.

Read more about the kitchen tap & bathroom tap

The tap collection is now in stores.

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New in

Vipp Ceramics Collection

7 pieces of ceramics are unfolding a new chapter in the 70 year-old Vipp story.

Vipp is continuously adding new elements to its 70 years of experience within processing of steel, yet in the development of the Vipp ceramics collection Vipp has joined forces with a whole new field of craftsmanship. In collaboration with the Danish ceramicist Annemette Kissow Vipp has created a 7 piece collection consisting of a bowl, milk jug, egg ring, plate, espresso, coffee and tea cup.

“Since I met Annemette Kissow in 2005, I have admired her work, so it was an evident choice to team up with her when we decided to add a ceramics collection to Vipp’s kitchen concept”, says Jette Egelund, CEO and daughter of Holger Nielsen, creator of the Vipp pedal bin.

Like the existing Vipp products, the ceramics distinct itself by its soft shapes interrupted by sharp lines in traditional white and grey. Hand-casted in the finest quality porcelain with surfaces glazed on the inside and water polished by hand on the outside, each piece is a result of a thorough process from which it obtains a soft surface with a matt look.

“Even though we are working with a completely different material, the outcome carries the same DNA as when we process steel and aluminium – a product stripped to the bone with a minimalistic look where material and processing define the design ” explains Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer in Vipp.


Learn more about the BowlMilk jugEspresso cupCoffee cupTea cup, Brunch plate, and Brunch set

Vipp ceramics are now in stores

> Find a dealer

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Stops By

BLOG’NHAGEN is a meet-up of design bloggers from around Europe exploring the "best of" Copenhagen: the best bakery, hotel, restaurant, museum, shops.

The one day excursion included a visit to the Vipp Flagship Store.


Visit the Blogn'hagen blog

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Vipp Trashion Week

is adding that little extra something to Copenhagen Fashion Week!

In celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Vipp is dressing up for the occasion with a Trashion Week exhibition at Vipp Flagship Store.

On the catwalk you will experience the original Vipp trash can in couture from among others Christian Lacroix, Talbot Runhof and Annaïk Barbé.

The Vipp bin has previously been interpreted by fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Helena Christensen, Oscar De La Renta and Calvin Klein.

Vipp Trashion Week exhibition will run from the 7th of August – 20th of August.
Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
1100 Copenhagen


Vipp dressed by Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein
Beautified by Philippe Model
Vipp dressed by Chantal Thomas
Vipp dressed by Nigel Barker
Vipp by Helena Christensen
Camilla Stærk
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What to wear

during Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is moving closer, have you decided what to wear?

We have difficulties deciding who to wear: Calvin Klein, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren.... Stop by the Vipp flagship store on Monday to see our fashionable outfits!

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Vipp Pop Quiz

And the Winners are....

Thanks for participating in our pop quiz. And the winners are...

Congratulations to the 15 winners: Lasse Skovsted, Nick Fray, Quennery Thibaud, Julie Norsk, Joerg Gerlach, Andy Sanderson, Mia Nini Nielsen, Lars Christian Østergreen, Anna-Sophie Lindstrøm, Sam Carlson, Patrik Hallengren, Susanne Kocher, Philip Holst, Edouard Lafargue, Simone Van Heiningen...who will receive a goodiebag from Vipp.

Here are the correct answers:

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Re-United at the Olympics

Vipp celebrates the Games

Vipp is celebrating the Olympic Games with the 'Re-United' Art Bin by Chilean artist Mauricio Clavero.

At the Olympic Games in London, the world is once again reunited. The Chilean artist Mauricio Clavero has created the art piece 'Re-United' - a Vipp pedal bin covered with 90 flags made out of Swarowski crystals. More than 70,000 crystals have been used in the creation of the bin, symbolizing a world coming together.

Re-United is a part of "The Louvre Collection" - a collection of 36 unique art works of Vipp bins and soap dispensers with Swarovski crystals installed at the Musée du Louvre. Nine Vipp soap dispensers depicting the metro systems of Tokyo, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Moscow, NY, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Dehli with colourful crystals are also a part of 'The Louvre Collection'.

During the games, Vipp has reunited the four previous Annual Colours in green, red, blue and yellow with black in an interpretation of the Olympic Rings.


The Olympic Art Pieces from the Louvre Collection will be exhibited at Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen from July 23rd

Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
1100 Copenhagen

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at Vipp Flagship Store

11 renowned, international bloggers payed a visit to the Vipp flagship store during the Blogn'hagen one-day event.

Equipped with golf carts, the 11 girls were touring the centre of Copenhagen, paying a visit to Royal Copenhagen, Vipp Flagship Store and Agnes Cupcakes. The day finished with a picnic at Islands Brygge.

Learn more about Blog'nhagen & the bloggers

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Vipp Pop Quiz

Win a goodie bag

Win a colourful goodie bag from Vipp by answering our 6 question pop quiz. 15 goodie bags with Vipp design in green, red or blue are on stake. Winners will be contacted July 30th

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We love movies!

One of our favourites is Disney’s “Enchanted”. In this clip a Vipp bin becomes friends with doves, mice and a princess. Click on the image below to see the clip.

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Portraits from above

Can you find the Vipp?

German photographer Menno Aden has shot a series of Berlin interiors from an unconventional viewpoint: looking down from the ceiling. The Room Portraits include a bar, a classroom, a shoe shop, a supermarket, a car park and an apartment. Can you find the Vipp?

In each instance the camera was positioned in the centre of the ceiling to create an image that appears flattened and abstracted. Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models.

Via Dezeen

Via Dezeen
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Free Download

Limited Edition Vipp x colette pedal bin for your Desktop

If you didn’t get a hold of one of the 30 Vipp limited edition pedal bins designed by Kevin Lyons for colette, now you can get the free digital version for your desktop.

The most used trashcan in the world has turned funky with this free app that makes it possible to exchange your regular trashcan with a designer bin. New York artist Kevin Lyons’ signature monsters in colette’s classic blue colour are covering the digital bin.

Download it here

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Minimal Shelving System

for Kitchen and Bathroom

Vipp expands its product family with a minimal shelving system for the kitchen and bathroom. The Vipp shelf is made of a 3mm aluminum plate, stamped out and shaped into a U-form creating two shelf surfaces.

The shelf is mounted with an invisible bracket, providing a floating impression 8mm from the wall and fixed with thumbscrews in brushed stainless steel presenting a subtle detail in both the design and function of the shelf.  

“We have given the shelf an indentation in its two surfaces and equipped them with a washable, silicone mat in order to protect glass and china. Traditional Vipp materials in white or black powder coated aluminum are used to produce the shelves to ensure a visual coherence with the Vipp kitchen and bathroom modules,” explains Chief

The Vipp shelves will be availble in stores from August in 2 sizes 50cm or 100 cm width, black or white.

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The Story of

The Hilton Bin

Did you know that the original Vipp pedal bin actually got a little brother in 1967? The Hilton bin was created in 1967 in Holger Nielsen’s metal workshop and was given the name Hilton inspired by the famous skyscraper hotels and its roof-looking, swinging lid. The bin was one of Holger Nielsen’s bestsellers in the 70s.

The advertisement is from the late 1960s targeted towards the professional market who valued a fire-proof bin in workshops and factories etc. The Hilton went out of production after 20 years as Vipp started focusing more and more on the private market who preferred the original bin. However, it can still be found in Tivoli in Copenhagen consuming all the used tickets. Our engineer found one of the very first models in our warehouse, posing elegantly in his backyard.   

Advertisement from the late 1960s / Holger Nielsen & his wife's Marie
A vintage Hilton bin from our warehouse
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Bo Bedre Event

Vipp Flagship Store, Cph

On the 31st of May 2012 Vipp and Bo Bedre invited the readers of Bo Bedre to come and visit us in our Flagship Store in Copenhagen and hear the story about Vipp. One guest went home as the lucky winner of a Vipp laundry bin and everybody got a small bag of Vipp goodies and a lot of lovely food prepared in the newly launched Vipp kitchen. More info on

Mix of pictures
Bo Bedre guests
Vipp kitchen + guests
Lovely food prepared in the Vipp kitchen
Jette telling the Vipp story
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Vipp Windows

Inno Bruxelles

For the next couple of weeks, Vipp is delighted to be exhibited in Galeria Inno's windows in Bruxelles.

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Innermost Shopping

June 7th 18.00 - 21.00

Selected stores in Copenhagen's Grønnegade-kvarter invites you for a shopping night with drinks and discounts

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Happy Barbecue!

by Black Blum

The summer has come to Denmark. This means long, bright summer nights with lots of barbecue. This is Vipp's version. Hungry?

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Vipp Desktop bin

Wins a Creative Circle Award

Transforming the most used trashcan in the world into a cool widget, prooved to be an award winning success. The digital Vipp bin for the desktop has just won a gold award in the category CCA 2012/Digital/Brand driven apps and utilities.

The desktop bin has been downloaded more than 25,000 times here in more than 100 countries due to its enourmous viral effect.

Download your own here

Creative Circle Award

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Happy birthday!

Retail Design Blog

Vipp congratulates Retail Design Blog with its one years anniversary. At the same time we wish to thank you for sharing our Flagship store with your readers.

Click on the picture below to visit Retail Design Blog.

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How do you use your Vipp?

The dog Cora has replaced her basket with a bin.

If you have some interesting input for alternative uses of your Vipp products, feel free to share on our facebook page

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Why we call it

'Copenhagen Green'

Copenhagen is currently being hyped as Europe's greenest city. Vipp's hometown is the source of inspiration for this year's Annual Colour - Copenhagen Green.

“If you want to understand why Copenhagen is Europe’s greenest city, make your way to Dronning Louise's Bro (Queen Louise's bridge) in downtown Copenhagen during morning rush hour. An estimated 35,000 bicycle commuters stream across this bridge every day, making it one of the busiest cycling spots in the western world.” - Gabi Mocatta, Lonely Planet, BBC News

“Recently named Europe’s coolest green city by the Ecologist magazine, Copenhagen is a showcase of climate-friendly Denmark. It is a place of environmentally-conscious transport, organic restaurants, carbon neutral beers, eco-shopping, enviro-hotels and green spaces to revel in – all right in the heart of the capital.” - Cathy Strongman, The Guardian UK

The Vipp Annual Colour 2012 is a celebration of Copenhagen's many shades of green. Discover the green collection here

Find your Vipp store here

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The last limited edition bin for colette bin has been sold

Evidently, covering a trash can with blue monsters turned out to be a success. At least all of the 30 limited edition Vipp pedal bins designed by New York-based artist Kevin Lyons, has been sold from our favorite concept store in Paris.

We hope that all the 30 owners are happy with their new art-object. Thanks to Kevin Lyons & colette for this collaboration 

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Vipp featured on

Canadian TV

Decorating and home décor specialist Karl Lohnes featured the Vipp 15 bin in this year’s color – Copenhagen Green – in a segment on CTV’s morning tv-show Canada AM on March 28th.

Watch Karl talk about the Vipp bin in his segment on housekeeping with style. We thank you, Karl.

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Vipp loves Wallpaper

On a sunny monday in January writer Henrietta Thompson met chief designer Morten Bo Jensen for a talk in our Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

"Pedal pusher - The driving ambition of Danish company Vipp means you can now match your kitchen to your bin" - this is how Vipp is introduced in the April issue of Wallpaper. An issue very dear to us. You surely understand why :-)


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Making of the Vipp Campaign

Spring 2012

Making of the Vipp advertising campaign 2012 involved a lot of string, a latter, water, soap bubbles, a couple of baguettes and salt & pepper. Making the Vipp universe appear weightless proved quite the challenge. But we love the result.

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Copenhagen Green

on display

Vipps annual colour “Copenhagen Green” is hitting stores across Europe right now. Here are green impressions from some of our partners.

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A glimpse of a princess

at the Ambiente

On this year’s Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt something special happened! The Royal Danish Court chose Vipp as one of the Danish exhibitors who had the great pleasure to welcome HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark.

The princess was very interested in each and every of our products. Here she takes a closer look at the Vipp bread bin. Finally Princess Benedikte received a mini Vipp bin for her art collection. What a great day!

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In love with a pepper mill

One of the world's finest food critics, Bruno Verjus, has fallen in love with the Vipp pepper mill. That is what he states on his blog FoodIntelligence.

In his blogpost 'Connaisez-vous Vipp?' he explains how he uses a black, white and red pepper grinder for respecitively a Sarawak black pepper, a né bianco né nero di Sarawak varietale Kuching pepper, and finally a Nepalese pepper with a hint of citrus and grapefruit.

The Vipp story takes its point of departure in the professional market, therefore we always love when professional enthusiasts choose Vipp products because of its functionlity.

You can learn more about the Vipp pepper grinder here


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Vipp among the 10 best Flagship Stores

selected by German interior magazine

The German high end interior magazine Casamia has selected the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen as one of the leading top ten stores worldwide in its January 2012 edition. This we are very proud of!  

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Cocktail in Colette

Launch of the Vipp x colette limited edition

We just returned from a great couple of days in Paris, where Vipp launched the limited edition bin created by artist Kevin Lyons. Paris was summing with people and great design with the kick-off of Paris Design Week and Men's Fashion Week.

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Inspiration across brands...

We love this German blog

The team behind the German blog "die Möbelfreunde" is making a comparison, which we are very proud of.

Take a look at the blog here and find the iPhone!


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Vipp Annual Colour 2012

Copenhagen Green

The Vipp Annual Colour 2012 is a tribute to Copenhagen. The hometown of Vipp is characterized by its many shades of green in the cityscape of historical architecture with oxidized copper roofs and statues overlooking countless small, evergreen city oases. We celebrate Copenhagen as it is the home of the very first Vipp flagship store opening December 2011.

The Danish capital is the source of inspiration for the Vipp Annual Colour 2012 where the Vipp collection is infused with a touch of Copenhagen in a unique green colour – we call it Copenhagen Green. The collection is available in shops from February 2012.

Toilet brush
1249 DKK, 1499 NOK, 1559 SEK, 165 EUR, 145 GBP, 249 CHF
Pedal bin, 4 Litre
1599 DKK, 1799 NOK, 1999 SEK, 209 EUR, 175 GBP, 305 CHF
Pedal bin, 14 Litre
2099 DKK, 2249 NOK, 2599 SEK, 275 EUR, 235 GBP, 379 CHF
Laundry basket, 75 Litre
3099 DKK, 3399 NOK, 4099 SEK, 415 EUR, 355 GBP, 649 CHF
Toothbrush holder
549 DKK, 649 NOK, 699 SEK, 69 EUR, 60 GBP, 99 CHF
Soap dispenser
749 DKK, 849 NOK, 499 SEK, 99 EUR, 85 GBP, 139 CHF
1099 DKK, 1199 NOK, 1499 SEK, 150 EUR, 125 GBP, 195 CHF

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Vipp x colette

Limited Edition by Kevin Lyons

The iconic Vipp pedal bin is now available in a limited edition for colette created by artist Kevin Lyons. The Danish, design classic is revitalized by Kevin Lyon’s small, signature monsters in colette’s classic blue colour.

When Danish craftsman Holger Nielsen created the pedal bin in 1939 it was only intended for his wife’s haidressing salon. Since then, the small waste bin has been on quite a journey and is now enteringthe vivid coletteuniverse with 30 exclusive editions by New York-based artist Kevin Lyons, well known for his extensive collaboration with colette. As a creative director, designer and illustrator Kevin Lyons has shaped international sport- and fashion brands. In 2001, Kevin was named to "The Top Forty Designers Under Thirty" by ID Magazine.

“I love to imagine my little blue monsters running wild through colette each night. Dancing, playing really loud music, snacking at the water Bar, reading fashion magazines. They yell and giggle in French and eat baguettes and party all night long. It's a pleasure to get to collaborate with a shop that would allow such a party each and every night!” – Kevin Lyons.

The 14 liter Vipp bin is available with a splash of blue monsters from January 19th only in colette and Price 300 EUR

213, rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

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Play with colours

Vipp & Pantone

Vipp has always been known for its exploration of the colour palette. Each year the Vipp collection is given a splash of new colour. Pantone just awarded 'Tangerine Red' as 'PANTONE 2012 colour of the year'. It could have been called Vipp Rising Red - the Vipp annual colour of 2011.

Looking back over the past couple of years, we see a remarkable coherence between the Vipp Annual colours and the following Pantone awards of colour of the year.


Vipp Rising Red - Annual Colour 2011
Vipp Mermaid Blues - Annual Colour 2010
Vipp Yellow Cab - Annual Colour 2009
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Vipp opens its very first

Flagship Store in Copenhagen

The classic Vipp pedal bin has been on quite a journey since its birth in 1939. Now the design icon gets its very own flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen.

On the 1st of December 2011 the first Vipp flagship store officially opened its doors. 150 square meters showcase the entire Vipp collection ranging from the classic bins to the newest product development – a complete range of Vipp kitchen and bathroom modules. 

“Vipp is a company rooted in craftsmanship and we wanted to create a flagship store concept that reflected this. So we decided to approach the store as if it was a development of a new Vipp product - unique through its function, choice of materials and with a simplistic design idiom. We were very inspired by the building itself dating back to 1908. The classic, listed building provides a setting in sharp contrast to a highly contemporary design store. The material palette was extremely important to us. The store is a fusion of traditional carpentry and masonry infused with a modern concrete floor and small architectural details.” – Chief Designer Morten Bo Jensen.

Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
DK - 1001 Copenhagen K

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Vipp is celebrating 1st of Movember

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in The Netherlands and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shaven face and then for the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Vipp is together with other Movember Mo Bros raising funds by seeking out sponsorship for our Mo-growing efforts here. Even the Vipp bin is growing a moustache. The bin is designed by the French designer Inga Sempe.

Inga Sempe
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Art Bin

Take a look over Mr. Dominic Wilcox shoulder, when he creates the “Xylophone Bin”.

Mr. Wilcox was among many others invited to customize a Vipp bin to support our charity auction in New York City. All proceeds were donated to support the work of and

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The Story of Vipp

on P1 Summer Business, DR Radio

Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and daughter of Vipp's founder, talks about taking over her father's small metal factory and turning the company into a international success.

Listen to the interview here

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'Pedal To The Metal'

By David Mellonie, for the Design Institute of Australia

"In a world where mediocrity is frequently the norm, it’s refreshing to find a company that rejects the usual rubbish and constantly seeks to deliver something better". - David Mellonie, Design Institue of Australia.

We want to share this article with you written by David Mellonie from Design Institute Australia. Despite being on opposite poles we agree on what constitutes good design.


Form follows function in one of the world's design icons

In a world where mediocrity is frequently the norm, it’s refreshing to find a company that rejects the usual rubbish and constantly seeks to deliver something better.

In fact rubbish is something that Danish design company Vipp has built an international reputation upon – and in particular, the receptacles used to store it.

Vipp’s metal pedal bin is instantly recognisable as one of the outstanding design icons of the twenty-first century: a triumph of the ‘form follows function’ design philosophy pioneered by turn-of-the-century skyscraper architect Louis Sullivan and embraced by other designers including Adolf Loos (‘Ornament is crime’), Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe and Walter Groupius.

Originally designed by Danish designer Holger Nielsen in 1939 for his wife’s hairdressing salon, the Vipp rubbish bin’s sturdy practicality and visual simplicity quickly found a market in various business professions.

According to Vipp, Neilsen’s pedal bin was ‘not designed in the strict traditional sense, but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria: a large foot so it is stable; a domed steel lid on top which is easy to clean; ears on the side of the body so it is easy to move around, and a rubber ring at the base to protect the floor.’

‘Good design never goes out of fashion’ Neilsen used to claim, but his youngest daughter Jette Egelund initially found the going tough when she tried promoting the Vipp bin to a wider domestic audience after Neilsen’s death.

Her perseverance paid off however when designer chains like The Conran Shop ordered Vipp bins for its London and Paris stores, and Egelund knew she was on the right track.

The original bin is now available in five sizes and has been only slightly changed since its inception, as well as being accepted into the MoMA architecture and design collection in New York in November 2009.

As further testament to its design credentials, modern designers and celebrities like Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Calvin Klein, Bono, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix, Agnes B and Karim Rashid have created special ‘art auction’ versions of the Vipp pedal bins to raise money for charity, as shown in our picture gallery.

From the original pedal bin to its current website, everything about Vipp’s approach emanates sleek professionalism: clear, simple, functional, user-friendly and inspirational.

You can even download a free Vipp rubbish bin desktop icon to replace the conventional one on your computer, and read an interesting interview about Vipp’s design DNA philosophy with its Chief Designer, 27 year-old Morten Bo Jensen.

Clever design, clever marketing, clever company.

Source: Design Institute of Australia

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The blogosphere is embracing the digital Vipp

The digital Vipp bin has conquered the blogosphere. NotCot, MocoLoco, FastCo Design, DesignNotes and Marie Claire Maison are some of the sites that are spreading the word of how to dispose of your trash in a new stylish way.

The Vipp desktop icon has been installed on more than 6000 computers worldwide. It can also be yours - click here to download

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Now you can dispose of your trash in true Vipp style

The Danish design icon initially made for a hairdressing salon in 1939 is now entering the digital world, so design enthusiasts can enjoy the Vipp experience while working in front of a screen. Download your Vipp desktop icon on our frontpage.

Download your Vipp desktop icon here

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Vipp enters centre court

Vipp enters Centre Court together with other Danish design icons at this year's Danish WTA tournament ’e-Boks Sony Ericson Open’ from 4th -12th of June.

With the objective of decorating a beautiful tennis arena together with other Danish design brands, Vipp has entered a partnership with Nordic Sports Group, who are arranging the WTA-tournament e-Boks Sony Ericsson Open in Farum Arena. Following the success from last year, from Saturday you will again experience the tennis players and judge sitting in white leather Swans from Fritz Hansen, while the classic Vipp bin is at service for the player's empty bottles. Even the towels used during the matches are Danish design from Vipp. The VIP lounge is decorated with Fritz Hansen furniture and porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.

”We are thrilled that the Vipp bin can fulfill its purpose while beautifying the tennis arena together with other design icons,” - Sofie Egelund, Head of PR & Communication in Vipp.


Picture credits: NSG

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New Packaging!

Experience Vipp in a new look

Here are some before and after shoots. The grey packaging is brand new. And we love it!

On the blogs 'lovelypackaging' and 'thedieline' you can see what others think about it.


new packaging concept
previous packaging concept
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Vipp in the Window

A selection of Vipp exhibitions

"It is always a fun challenge to make window exhibitions in top design stores around the world. Designing this creative space viewed by so many people passing by each day is a way to stretch your imagination and challenge the assumptions of how a functional product is normally displayed. Recently I did a window exhibition, I hung eighty Vipp dishwashing brushes from the ceiling."
- Mette B. Andersen, Visual Merchandiser in Vipp 

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To Benefit the Michael Stich Foundation

These creative minds created unique Vipp design for the Michael Stich Foundation:

Christian and Michael Sieger, Doris Dörrie, Franziska van Almsick, Frauke Ludowig, Hadi Teherani, Hubertus Jonas, Kuball & Kempe, Lola Paltinger, Michael Koenig, Michael Michalsky, Nena, Nils Holger Moormann, Nina Ruge, Talbot Runhof, Tim Mälzer, Ulrike Folkerts in collaboration with the artist Katharina Schnitzler and finally Verena Bentele.

The auction raised more than 10,000 € for the Michael Stich Foundation. The auction was conducted with kind support of the auction house



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