The Kitchen concept

that suits your vipp bin

The concept has been well thought out, right down to the smallest detail - from the knobs on the gas cooker to the pull-out spray on the faucet. Designed and manufactured by Vipp, the kitchen has a unique cohesion, combining quality, functionality and design. Like the classic Vipp bin and other Vipp products, the new kitchen expresses a complete concept.

The Vipp kitchen is made from stainless steel and consists of three main components: Wall Module, Tall Module and a Kitchen Island. The modules are available in various sizes and can be assembled according to individual wishes and requirements. “Just as with the Vipp bin, we are bringing industrial style into your home in the shape of an excellent, high quality product, which can easily withstand constant use,” says Morten Bo Jensen, Head of Design at Vipp.

The kitchen is for sale in the Vipp flagship store with worldwide delivery. So far Vipp kitchens have been installed in big cities and small towns on several continents: New York, Genève, Hamborg, Ålesund, København, Nantes, Zürich, Wien, De Haan, Bergen, Taarbæk etc.

A step-by-step guide

5 things to consider when choosing a Vipp Kitchen

1. Experience the Vipp kitchen concept

online or in Copenhagen

The Vipp kitchen unfolds in real life in our Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

We know that Copenhagen is probably not just around your corner, which is why some of our customers have bought it without ever having seen in it real life while others have planned their visit around a weekend trip to the city. Whether you plan to visit us or write an email, our kitchen department looks forward to be at your service.

We deliver worldwide and have currently installed kitchens across the globe all the way from New York to Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.

2. Modules

Like playing with building blocks

Consider the Vipp kitchen modules as configurations of building blocks. The Wall, Tall and Island modules can be composed with a number of predefined blocks in terms of size and materials.

This means that you cannot alter them or invent your own block, but you can arrange them according to how you like to build your freestanding kitchen.

For a detailed description of each available block, please browse the sheets above categorizing the blocks under each type of module; Island, Tall & Wall.

3. Appliances


Just like the blocks, the appliances are equally predefined in the Vipp kitchen.

We have chosen the best fridge, freeze and oven solutions living up to our design requirements and quality standards. This one-stop-shopping approach where appliances are part of the final product and predefined in the kitchen before delivery allows you an easy buying process and assures a high-quality kitchen experience. Whether to opt for gas or induction or a have a small or large fridge is up to you but the appliance brand is predefined.

To get the most effective and clean flame the Vipp gas hubs works for G30 bottle gas and G25 natural gas – not city gas.

4. Signed, sealed, delivered

Delivering a finished product

Like a new car would never be delivered without wheels, a Vipp kitchen will never be handed over unfinished.

Nor will it ever be delivered by others than our own experienced crew who does not leave until the result lives up to our quality standards. This is your guarantee for a premium experience. Vipp takes care of shipping, delivery and mounting of the kitchen with our own crew – all for a fixed price:

Europe - 2000 euro
Other markets by request

Production time is up to 8 weeks from payment of first rate/deposit. Delivery time varies according to location. Depending on the size of the kitchen the installation will take between 1 and 3 days.

5. Value For Money

Why neither quality nor prices are negotiable

No matter where you are in the world you will throughout the process be in direct contact with a dedicated expert from the Vipp kitchen department.

We have cut out the middle man and can therefore offer you a premium quality kitchen and service for the listed prices. High-quality is non-negotiable and so are the listed prices.

What we need to know

To give you the best answer

To provide you the best possible service please fill in the formula below and a person from our kitchen department will get in contact with you shortly.

We look forward to be at your service.
Thank you.


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