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How it’s made.

Vipp441 Laundry basket

You might already have seen our laundry basket in a shop, at a friend’s place or maybe you own one yourself.

To give you a little insight into the production of the laundry basket, here are some snapshots from the latest trip to our factory in Latvia.

1. The production process starts with a flat sheet of stainless steel. Here it is cut into the right dimensions. 

2. The steel sheet is then rolled into a cylinder and welded by hand. A skilled craftsman can weld around 15 pieces an hour. 

3. The lid is made in no less than 17 work steps. Starting with a flat metal sheet it undergoes a number of deep-drawing, bending, sanding and polishing processes. Here the lid is drawn under 250 tons of pressure.

4. The lid features 1920 small perforations offer the functional benefit of ventilating the laundry. The perforations alone are made in 10 working steps with a specially designed tool.

5. The final product is ready to be shipped after 12 working days and a total of 35 production steps. 

The laundry basket is available here

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Detail of the week

#9 Detachable shelf

The Vipp Shower Shelf is a functional accessory that will make any bathroom look better. But what to do when the black rubber part is covered with lime scale after years of use? You simply detach it for cleaning.

Here is a quick guide for easy cleaning:

1. Detach the rubber part from the steel frame
2. Wrap the rubber part in paper towel and soak it in household vinegar
3. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it, using a soft brush and a mild detergent. If necessary repeat the process.
4. When the lime scale is completely removed, apply silicone spray for optimal finish.

The Shower Shelf is ready for the next round.

Find out more here


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Detail of the week

#8 Replaceable brush head

The weak spot on a dishwashing brush is the head. Therefore, we made a replaceable brush head for the Vipp dishwashing brush - a detail that makes the brush a functional and long lasting tool.

Besides functionality, the philosophy behind chief designer Morten Bo Jensen’s designs is less but better. Aiming to make fewer, but better products, the goal is to develop tools one needs to purchase only once. The replaceable brush head ensures that the customer only needs to change the brush head when it has been worn out from everyday use.

 ”To us, the challenge in product development is to make better products than what already is on the market – that is quite simply the objective at Vipp. The replaceable brush head minimizes waste and ensures that the brush can be used again and again”, Morten Bo Jensen.

 Learn more about the dishwashing brush here

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Detail of the week

#7 Functional flexibility

The pull out spray attached in the Vipp Kitchen Tap is an example of the industrial inspiration, which is an essential element in the Vipp design-DNA.

Behind all Vipp tools lies the idea of bringing industrial principles of functionality to the private home. The Vipp Kitichen Tap equipped with a pull out spray is an example of this.

The pull out spray - that most people know from professionel kitchens - is made of solid brushed stainless steel and has a firm grib with grooves. The hose is covered in an amour of stainless steel for maximum durability. Morten Bo Jensen, Chief designer, elaborates:

“My starting point was to focus on functionality and quality in choice of material. The Kitchen Tap itself has a simple idiom in order for it to make it fit into most kitchens and bathrooms, besides Vipp’s own of course”.

Learn more about the Vipp Kitchen Tap here

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Detail of the week

#6 Circulations

The Vipp laundry basket was the first ‘tool’ that Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, developed for Vipp in 2008. The basket’s perforated lid is this week’s detail.

In terms of design the lid links to the Vipp collection made in brushed stainless steel. The perforated lid ensures optimal air circulation for the laundry and allows it to dry out naturally if damp. 

”The combination of functionality and aesthetic was the starting point for the design of the Vipp laundry basket. The idea was to re-interpret this everyday product and the result was a functional piece of furniture with well-thought out functionality and a great level of detail", Morten Bo Jensen. 

Learn more about the Vipp Laundry basket here

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Detail of the week

#5 An organic feel

Being specialized in manufacturing products made from steel and rubber, developing an organic towel collection was a new challenge in the quest of developing an quality products for the bathroom.

Vipp towels are made from a two-colored material blend of 65% organic cotton and 35% soft bamboo fibers.

“We worked intensively with the material combination in order to optimize absorption ability and softness. Cotton ensures softness, while bamboo provides durability, absorption abilities and a beautiful finish”, says Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen. 

Learn more about the Vipp towels here

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Detail of the week

#4 Get a grip

Have you noticed that the gas hob regulator in the Vipp kitchen, the swivel top on the Vipp salt and pepper mill and the shelves’ thumbscrews all share the same design?

“The Vipp grab-designs are all molded in solid stainless steel and made in one piece to give them the exact feeling of quality tools. Developing the item we also focused on weight and getting the right grip. The fitted grooves make the tool functional and easy to use – it’s like clockwork” says chief designer, Morten Bo Jensen.

When we make a new product we aim to combine quality, functionality and feeling – a trio that is reflected in the details, like the thumbscrews. These priorities leads to a certain recognizable aesthetic among Vipp products and demonstrate that the whole Vipp portfolio stems from the same design philosophy.

Learn more about the detail Vipp salt & pepper set, shelves, kitchen here:
Salt & pepper set

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Detail of the week

#3 Step on it

Holger Nielsen made sure that every detail on his tools served a functional purpose - the pedal is an example of this.

Sometimes a detail is a minor feature that makes a big difference and Holger Nielsen's philosophy was that every detail had to serve a functional purpose. The pedal was added to the Vipp bin to ensure a hands-free operation. This came in handy for particularly hairdressers, doctors and dentists who were in need for such a tool due to their work processes - a clear example of Holger's 'form follows function' approach.

Read more about the Vipp pedal bin right here.

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Detail of the week #1

Gas Station

The Vipp kitchen concept unfolds in every detail – even tabs, drawer pulls and inserts, cooking hood, as well as gas knobs are developed in respect to the Vipp design DNA. We zoom in on the Vipp gas station...

Four ABK gas hubs are integrated directly into the kitchen island worktop and controlled by steel knobs in massive stainless steel that emerge naturally from the solid surface. A detail characteristic for many Vipp products is grooves in steel knobs and handles. The gas knobs are fitted with 21 grooves guaranteeing a firm grip when turning the knob guided by laser-engraved heat indicators.

Learn more about the Vipp kitchen here


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