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And the Wallpaper Award

for "best brand extension" goes to....

Vipp.... and the launch of the new Vipp Shelter which according to Wallpaper is "the perfect place to showcase its classic homeware". "We are so exctited and extremely thankful for this amazing award", says Kasper Egelund, Vipp CEO.

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A Special Afternoon

At the vipp Concept store

See you at the Vipp Concept Store, Ny Østergade 34, 1101 Copenhagen.

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A bin full of memories

The story of a 'Vipp'

In 1973 Gunvor Helberg took over a dental clinic including a Vipp bin from the 1930s. Today her daughter is the third the owner of the Vipp vintage pedal bin.

We often experience people having a special attachment to the old classic Vipp bin. We meet them when their bin needs a new pedal or when they simply stop by to tell us their story of when and how they got their first bin. It still amazes us how these people value the old Vipp tool. Furthermore, it proves that Holger Nielsen did something right, because the bins still open 75 years later.

However, even more exciting is it when we hear about a 'simple' bin that has been passed on from one generation to another. Gunvor Helberg's story is one of these. Her bin is now in the hands of the third generation and has become a symbol of good times and great memories.

"In 1973, I took over the dental clinic including funiture and a Vipp bin from a Mrs. Thomsen who estabilshed the clinic in the 30s. I renovated the clinic, but kept the Vipp bin because it represented a bygone era and was beautiful. I have always liked this bin. And as the years went by, I found out that the bin was something very special. Today, when I see the bin at my daughter's place it reminds me of my clinc and great work life."

Stop by the Vipp Flagship Store to see the old bins and get their stories.

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Sandra Dovalo, the lucky winner of the ‪#‎VIPPpride selfie-competition. A Vipp15 pedal bin is on the way.

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Trash your prejudice!

Selfie Memories from a couple of fun and prejudice trashing days during Copenhagen Pride. Thank you all for supporting the message.

Find all selfies here

Later today we will find the winning #VIPPpride selfie.

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Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Trash your prejudice!

To support equal rights for all Vipp has created a giant bin dressed in rainbow colours encouraging everybody to trash their prejudice during the Copenhagen Pride taking place from august 27th- 30th.

So if you are in Copenhagen during the pride, go and make your statement at the City Hall Square.

Here you are invited to take a selfie with the bin and enter the competition to win an original Vipp15 bin by uploading your image tagged with #VIPPpride on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Good luck and happy pride!

Megabin Facts
Scale: 1:8
Materials: Solid stainless steel + rubber
Weight: 800 kg
Height: 2.5 m

The selfie competition ends when the Mega bin is removed from the City Hall Square on Sunday the 31st of August.
The winner will be found and contacted directely on Monday 1st of September. 

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Countdown to Copenhagen Pride x Vipp

Starting tomorrow!

Copenhagen Pride begins tomorrow, so from August 27-30 the Vipp mega bin will shine in rainbow colours on the City Hall Square encouraging everyone to trash their prejudice.

Make a selfie with the bin, upload your image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #VIPPpride and join the competition to win a bin! Looking forward to seeing you – Happy Pride! 

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Tasting in Vipp Flagship Store

Did you know that you can eat your way to a happier body? Nutritionist, author and personal trainer, Louise Bruun, occupies the Vipp kitchen and presents the concept of Superfood with a tasting of selected favorites.

When designing a new Vipp product we consider it as a tool that aims to create a great experience in everyday life. Therefore, we cannot help being inspired by other tools aiming for the same goal. Superfood is a tool supporting a healthy lifestyle, and we look forward to share our enthusiasm with you on August 21st at the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

Nutritional therapist Louise Bruun will give us insight into the world of superfoods – which are much more than a variety of tasty flavors. Nutrition can heal us and make us happy, strong and healthy - all based on a good tool for your body – Superfood!

Louise Bruun appeared in the Danish tv show "a cure that works" (orig: En kur der dur), she has published several books on healthy nutrition, she gives lectures on the same topic, organizes retreats, workshops, conferences and much more.

You will also meet Vipp Chief Designer, Morten Bo Jensen, who talks about the Vipp design philosophy and explains how both a hook and a kitchen fit into the Vipp toolbox. And finally he will unveil upcoming Vipp products to be launched later this year.

It all happens Thursday, August 21st at 18.00-20.00 in the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen.

Click on the picture to buy your ticket.


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A pop-up charity cafe

Support and take home the Vipp cup

Vipp is opening a pop-up coffee shop in central Copenhagen to raise money for Doctors Without Borders - and you get to keep the Vipp cup.

Now you can enjoy a spot in the sun while supporting Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Vipp’s newly opened pop-up café 'A Cup For Charity' at Ny Østergade 34.

The usual Caesar salad and café burger have been replaced by a much simpler concept; In 'A Cup For Charity' you can only get a cup of tea or coffee and a cake delivered from Risteriet, Løv Tea and Strangas Dessert Boutique – the pack costs DKK 100. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and as thanks for your support, you get to keep the Vipp cup.

Vipp’s pop-up café, 'A Cup For Charity' opens today, opening hours Monday to Friday 11.00 am - 6.00 pm (Saturdays 11.00 am - 4.00 pm), until September.

Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
DK-1101 Copenhagen K

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is a private, international, humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical care to millions of people caught in crises in some 70 countries around the world. MSF provides assistance when catastrophic events—such as armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, or natural disasters—overwhelm local health systems. Our aim is first and foremost to provide high-quality medical care to the people who need it the most.

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Flower Styling Workshop

Here is how 13 bloggers got green fingers while styling the Vipp kitchen & bathroom with plenty of flowers...

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A big celebration

calls for plenty of flowers

This year Vipp marks its 75th birthday. A big celebration calls for lots of flowers and specially invited guests, so we invited some of our favorite European bloggers, the professional florist, Louise Moestrup, and the photographer Anders Hviid for a Flower Styling Workshop in Copenhagen.

Getting your fingers green was the goal for the day. The thirteen participants learned the art of making flower balls and beds and battled to create the best floral kitchen and bathroom settings. Here you can see the result of the day – and remember you can vote for your favorite image at our Instagram account @vippdotcom (the competition is closed)

Watch the behind the scenes video - PLAY

Thanks to the following blogs for your participation

elisabeth heier
marianne jacobsen

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Mother's Day

don't forget it!

Mor, madre, mamá, Mutter, 母亲, mère, mom... This Sunday we celebrate Mother's Day. Remember to spoil her - she deserves it.

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& the winner is...

the Vipp kitchen

Salone del Mobile 2014 turned out to be quite an emotional experience. Cause in the midst of the design abundance Vipp found itself in the spotlight - as winner of the EDIDA award for best kitchen.

The 25 editions of Elle Decoration were gathered in the beautiful, classic Teatro Manzoni and invited were the international design companies and designers having marked the year in design. So it was in fine company that Svante Öqvist, Chief Editor of Swedish Elle Decoration, announced the winner in the kitchen category. We were thrilled that Vipp's kitchen concept of nomadic modules developed as finished tools recieved this recognition after only two years in the market proceeded by an even longer development process.

Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, took on the stage:
"This is a great day for me, this is a great year for us...nobody would have known that we would be standing up here today receiveing an award for a kitchen. It was the bin that made the way." - Jette Egelund.

Discover the Vipp Kitchen in full detail here

The winner
Morten Bo Jensen & Jette Egelund from Vipp, Svante Öquist from Elle Decoration Sweden
The Vipp team consisting of Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer, Christina Hinding, Communication Manager, Anne Eilersen, Administration Manager and Jette Egelund, owner
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Anniversary night

for all senses

Served in Vipp ceramics Nikolaos Strangas treated our guests with the most delicious desserts as Jette told the story about Vipp.

Yesterday Vipp invited friends and customers inside the Vipp Flagship Store for a special 75th anniversary event. It was an evening with stories about Vipp told by daughter of Holger Nielsen and second generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Alongside was Nikolaos Strangas serving three amazing tatings showing that he is one of the best dessert chefs in the country.

Thank you all for joing the event and making it such a memorable night and thanks to StrangasCopenhagen Food, Rosa Maria BoelsmandCopenhagen Cakes,  tlundgaard and Alexandra Krogsgaard for these nice images. 

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Let's celebrate

Happy Birthday Vipp!

The whole family is invited for Vipp's 75th anniversary...

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delicious tasting

In the vipp flagship store

It's a piece of cake to turn 75 - dessert tasting with Nikolaos Strangas.

March 20th we celebrate our 75 anniversary in the Vipp Flagship Store. 75 guests are invited to an evening including the personal story about Vipp told by owner and 2. generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Furthermore, Nikolaos Strangas, owner of Strangas Dessert Boutique, will turn the Vipp Flagship Store into his own dessert studio and treat you with an exclusive tasting menu.

Programme for the evening
18.00: Jette Egelund tells her personal story about Vipp
18.50: Nikolaos Strangas shows you how to make delicious desserts

Tasting menu
- Chocolate cream, crystalize chocolate, chocolate cake, marinate buckthorn
- Panacotta, marinate ananas with mint and vanille passion foam
- Yuzu cream, caramelized pistachios and sesam, mango sorbet

The menu is served with coffee and LØV tea.

Price: 80 kr.

When: Thursday, March 20th at 18:00-20:00

Where: Vipp Flagship Store  ·  Ny Østergade 34  · 1101 København K

How: Sign-up through

Attendance is on a 'first come first serve' basis. You will receive a confirmation email, in which you will be informed about payment through MobilePay.

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Winner of the EDIDA's

"Kitchen of the year"

The 25 editors of Elle Decoration have selected the Vipp kitchen to be "Kitchen of the year" at the Elle Deco Internaional Design Awards 2014.

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The Happy Couples

of the Vipp collection

Love is in the air in the Vipp product portfolio. Only a few days away from the international day of love, we celebrate the happy couples in the Vipp collection.

Our selection of happy couples:
Soap dish
& toothbrush holder
Suction hook
& wiper
Bin & broom and dustpan set
Vipp hook & towel
Vipp salt & pepper mills

...or you could call the Vipp collection for one big love affair for functional tools.


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Vipp Vintage Bins Wanted

for 75th anniversary exhibition

This year the Vipp bin celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark this milestone we are now searching for the very first bins that left the factory back in 1939.

They are out there somewhere, these old bins, and many of them are still in use at clinics, laboratories, kinder gardens and in private homes. From time to time the Vipp store in Copenhagen receives old bins in need of a new pedal or rubber parts to be fully functional for future decades. “The very first bins are easily recognized by their wavy and polished chrome lid and a golden logo in cursive letters in my father’s hand writing”, says Jette Egelund, 2nd generation in Vipp.

We hope to collect as many old bins as possible for a historical exhibition to be held at the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen later this year.

So if you have one of these old bins in your possession and would like to share your story, then please get in touch with us to make your bin available for this exhibition.

If you want to share your bin story, please get in touch with Michael at

PS: If you want to see how the current version of Vipp15 looks, then click here

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ELLE DECO France picks its

'Kitchen of the Year'

Each year, the 26 international editions of Elle Decoration magazine award their favorite design objects in the Elle Deco International Design Awards.

Waiting for the announcement of the final winners at the grand award show during Salone del Mobile in April we celebrate that French Elle Decoration has picked their ‘coup de coeur’ in the kitchen category – The Vipp Kitchen!

‘In a beautiful, mat black, these nomadic islands allow for different compositions and display perfect finishes” – Rédaction, Elle Decoration France, Fevrier-Mars 2014. 

We're thrilled! Merci beaucoup.

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Vipp Mega Bin visits Hamburg

Let's clean this city

From January the 13th till March the 31st, the Vipp Mega Bin will tour Hamburg as part of the annual campaign “Hamburg räumt auf!”.

Hamburg’s 17th spring cleaning campaign “Hamburg räumt auf!” (Hamburg cleans up!) gets support by the Vipp Mega Bin. Till the end of March 2014 the bin will travel the city to source cleaning participants for this great project. Last year 51.000 helpful people joined the initiative. We’ll top this number in 2014!

True to its original form and materials, the Vipp Mega Bin is constructed in scale 8:1. It has a height of 2.5 meters, a volume of 3.800 liters and a weight of 800 kg. Big goals call for big measures. So let’s collect some trash!

If you are around, we’d be happy to see you on the pedal!

Tour plan:
- 13. January - 5. February
  Wandsbeker Marktplatz
- 5. February - 3. March
- 3. March - 31. March
  Hamburg Central Station (next to Hamburger Kunsthalle) 

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Christmas Cookie Factory

How to make a cookie-bin

The Vipp kitchen was the backdrop for our Christmas Cookie Factory, where we transformed our old bin into a series of colourful cookies.

Vipp's product development team got quite an unusual task, when they were asked to develop a steel cake tin shaped like the Vipp bin. The result was an exact copy of the outer shape of pedal bin laser cut in 3 mm stainless steel and only 1 mm thick.

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Christmas tasting at the Vipp Flagship Store

We invite you to a special Christmas event at the Vipp Flagship Store.

December 16th we celebrate Christmas at the Vipp Flagship Store. 60 guests are invited to a special night including the personal story about Vipp told by owner and 2. generation in Vipp, Jette Egelund. Furthermore, the acclaimed chef, Lasse Andersen, owner of Grød, will treat you with a delicious Christmas food tasting. Served in Vipp ceramics you will experience Christmas in a new and tasteful way.

Programme for the evening
18.00: Jette Egelund tells her personal story about Vipp 

18.45: Lasse Andersen shows you how to cook a tasteful porridge and explains the concept behind Grød

Tasting menu
· Green kale risotto with crispy green kale salad and freeze-dried lingonberry

· Rice pudding with zest, roasted almonds and homemade cerry sauce

· Mulled wine made ​​from white-buckthorn, apple and rum

When: Monday, December 16th at 18:00-20:00

Where: Vipp Flagship Store  ·  Ny Østergade 34  · 1101 København K

How: We need your signup at the latest  Friday the 13th of December. Write to

Since we do not have room for everybody attendance is on a 'first come first serve' basis. You will receive a confirmation email, which you will need to bring to the event if you are one of the 60 people.

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Blogger Styling Battle

3 teams x 5 dishes =15 stylings

After a full day of styling a five course Danish Christmas menu, the three teams can be proud of their result. Here it is...

Team 1.
101Woonideeën / thesweetspot / MiMA / Stylizimo / Bodieandfou 

Team 2.
April&May / Bungalow5 / Flodeau / Stilinspiration 

Team 3.
Boligcious / FruFly / 70percentpure / Emmas Designblogg

The Menu
1. Fried herring with egg custard, pickled onions and dill oil
2. Crisp bread with apple compote, salted scallops, crispy chicken skin and cress
3. Terrine of duck with Jerusalem artichokes, quince, lingonberry and thyme
4. Pork cheeks with crunchy sprinkles and soft potato cream
5. Baked cherries with rice pudding ice cream and crispy rice

Props are genourously borrowed from:
Butik for Borddækning
House Doctor
Made a Mano 

Course 1 / Team 1
Course 1 / Team 2
Course 1 / Team 3
Course 2 / Team 1
Course 2 / Team 2
Course 2 / Team 3
Course 3 / Team 1
Course 3 / Team 2
Course 3 / Team 3
Course 4 / Team 1
Course 4 / Team 2
Course 4 / Team 3
Course 5 / Team 1
Course 5 / Team 2
Course 5 / Team 3
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Xmas Foodstyling Workshop

Yesterday, the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen transformed into a creative styling & photo studio welcoming 14 of our favorite bloggers and stylists to a Christmas culinary & styling workshop

Ingredients for the perfect Christmas foodstyling battle:

1. An excellent chef who can interpret Danish Christmas traditions in a mouthwatering way...and who by the way syles for the best Danish gourmet magazines.

2. A professional photographer who knows how to capture good taste.

3. Plenty of props in various materials gathered from local shops.

4. Fourteen dedicated participants eager to battle for the best styling of five courses and the best festive table.


Thanks for participating / Instagram photo credits: April&May / Bungalow5 / 101Woonideeën / Boligcious / Flodeau / thesweetspot / MiMA / Stylizimo / FruFly / Stilinspiration / Bodieandfou / 70percentpure / Emmas Designblogg

Vipp HQ
Welcome to a Christmas styling battle in the Vipp Flagship store
Styling props
Chef Mikkel Karstad in the Vipp kitchen
Karine & Mimo in styling action
Food photography expert Anders Hviid
Dessert is served
Where to begin...
Duck terrine with Jerusalem artichokes
First course - Danish Herring
Allan in styling mode
Main course from above
You've got style
Cutlery mix
Setting the table for dinner
Main course
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Paris Design Week

By Night

Last night Paris was buzzing with design enthusiasts from all over the world. Merci hosted its annual design soirée revealing the new Vipp limited edition created by its graphic design studio be-pôles.

The Merci bin is available in two sizes, 14 and 18 liters in a numbered, limited edition. You can find it in the Merci shop in Paris or buy it online at If we don't yet ship to your country you can contact the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen to arrange delivery.

Vipp Flagship Store

Tel: +45 4588 8815 

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Pedal to the metal

Vipp runs DHL

on the road to DHL's annual relay race...

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Une boutique très chic!

Soon, the new limited edition Vipp bin will be presented in the Parisian concept store Merci. We zoom in on this très chic boutique…

Merci is a magical mecca that brings together the best of fashion, design and objects for the home. It opened its doors in 2009 in the heart of the historic district of Haut-Marais in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement. Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, founders of Bonpoint, the children’s fashion brand, felt the urge to create a space in Paris merging fashion and interior.

Unlike most commercial shops, Merci’s founders decided that the fruit of this investment would be donated to a fund dedicated to educational projects and development in the south-west of Madagascar.

Marie France and Bernard Cohen wanted to say ‘MERCI’ to talent, creators and customers who makes the Merci project possible.

Merci has become a platform for both young talented creators and established brands, with new exhibition every three weeks. From September 5th, Merci celebrates the MATIERES PREMIERES exhibition during the Paris Design Week. Back to basics, « material design » stands for an interest for natural and traditional material. Vipp is very proud to be featured in this exhibition with our old icon dipped in Merci’s peculiar graphic universe created by the studio be-pôles. So we say Merci Merci.

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A century ago

Happy 100th birthday, Little Mermaid

A century ago Edvard Eriksen created the famous statue of H.C. Andersen's "The Little Mermaid". Today Vipp celebrates her 100th birthday.

In the year of 1837 H.C. Andersen wrote what would become one of the world’s most famous fairytales – The Little Mermaid. 76 years later the Danish-Icelandic sculptor, Edward Eriksen, finished his statue carrying the same name as the story’s title. The little mermaid was a tribute to the legacy H.C. Andersen and has later become an iconic symbol of Denmark.

Today, exactly 100 years later, Vipp celebrates the work of Eriksen and pays tribute to the fairytale by bringing our mermaid blues collection back in the spotlight.

Happy birthday, little mermaid

Click here to see the mermaid blues Vipp collection

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Vipp Mega Bin

for a clean Copenhagen

Visit our Mega Bin on Halmtorvet until 26th of august. And then on Skt. Hans Torv on Nørrebro. Find the full tour plan HERE

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Vipp Trashion Week

is adding that little extra something to Copenhagen Fashion Week!

In celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013, Vipp is dressing up for the occasion with a Trashion Week exhibition at Vipp Flagship Store.

On the catwalk you will experience the original Vipp trash can in couture by German fashion label Lever Couture.

In her Berlin based studio designer Lessja Verlingieri creates breathtaking couture for celebrities like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.

1400 meters of fabric processed by skillful hands in around 400 working hours transform pedal bins into amazing Trashion Bins.

Take a look behind the scenes and watch Lessja work on the Trashion Bins - just click 

5.– 21. of August
Vipp Flagship Store 
Ny Østergade 34 
1100 Copenhagen 

Original dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow
Original dress worn by Britney Spears
Original dress worn by Lady Gaga
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And the winner is...

MEANDMYVIPP Instagram Competition

Edina, founder of the blog nordic leaves, won our MeAndMyVipp Instagram Competition with an amazing 550 likes. Congratulations! Here you have Edina’s winning shot.

(1) #SNAP a photo of a Vipp product
(2) #TAG it with #meandmyvipp on your instagram profile
(3) #WIN the Copenhagen tribute Vipp Pedal Bin, a green 14 liter Vipp pedal bin, if your photo gets most likes
(4) #VIPP will share their favorites on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest and announce the winner on July 1st

You can find Vipp on Instagram '_vipp'

And you can follow the race for most likes here

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On the road

to Keep CPH green

Yesterday, we were on a roadtrip with a mission : To keep Copenhagen green & clean! From our warehouse in Falster in southern Sealand to Copenhagen! Join the ride...

Loading the mega bin at Vipp Warehouse in falster
On the road
Arriving in the centre of Copenhagen, Højbro Plads
Finetuning by Tue, the mega bin engineer
The bin is followed by both paparazzis and two strong bodyguards
Finding the perfect spot
The Vipp team is cheering our new, little family member
It is not Legoland
Pure love to a green Copenhagen
Melting in with the city bikes
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Making of

Vipp mega Bin

True to materials and proportions Vipp has given its original 4-liter bin some growing pains in scale of 8:1. The mega bin has a volume of 3,800 liters and weighs 800 kg distributed on a 100-kg heavy lid in stainless steel, 400 kg steel welded together to form a body, a foot of nearly 200 kg bent steel, 80 kg milled rubber, a giant hinge, a logo machined in aluminum and a giant pedal.

Post June 7th 2013   Category Events

Supersize Me!

Keep Copenhagen Green

Copenhagen has a mission - To be the cleanest city in Europe before 2015! Big goals calls for big measures, therefore Vipp has eightfolded the size of the original pedal bin.

From June 10th, Vipp will embark on a Copenhagen city tour as a fun reminder to city dwellers of keeping Copenhagen clean and green.

We start Monday on Højbro Plads. Come by and see if you can spot our little new product development.

Post May 14th 2013   Category Events

Growing Pains!

We are currently outgrowing ourselves a little bit.

...follow Vipp's growing pains here on Twitter, Pinterest  & Instagram at _vipp.

Post May 3rd 2013   Category Events

#snap #tag #win #vipp

MEANDMYVIPP Instagram Competition

Use Instagram to win Vipp. All you have to do is:

(1) #SNAP a photo of a Vipp product
(2) #TAG it with #meandmyvipp on your instagram profile
(3) #WIN the Copenhagen tribute Vipp Pedal Bin, a green 14 liter Vipp pedal bin, if your photo gets most likes
(4) #VIPP will share their favorites on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest and announce the winner on July 1st

You can find Vipp on Instagram '_vipp'

And you can follow the race for most likes here

Prize: A Copenhagen Green 14 liters Vipp pedal bin
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Vernissage à la Vipp

Cuisine Art Bins on Expo

The limited edition culinary art bins by 3 star Michelin Chef are now on expo in the chef's gallery l'Arrière Cuisine in Paris.

Vipp held a vernissage where none of the chef's delicious degustations ended up in the Vipp bin. Learn how to get your own 3 star bin here

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Vipp Easter Competition

Send a ”gækkebrev”/easter greeting to a friend who you think have deserved to win Vipp’s Easter competition. Join the competition here:

Post February 14th 2013   Category Events

Completely Hooked

on Valentine’s Day

Vipp spreads the love from the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen where the new Vipp suction hook is attached to the window forming a giant heart connected by pink thread.

Did you know that: The Danish Technological Institute has tested the adherence and weight ability of the Vipp Suction Hook and proved that it can carry 1000g of weight without loosening its grip or sliding downwards?

Learn more about the new Vipp Suction Hook

Post February 13th 2013   Category Events

Valentine's Day Preview

Hooked on Love

Love is in the air in the Vipp Flagship Store where we are preparing for Valentine's Day with a lot of Vipp Suction Hooks and plenty of pink thread

Post November 29th 2012   Category Events

Happy 1st Birthday

Vipp Flagship Store

One year ago, Vipp opened the doors to its very first flagship store.

To celebrate its 1st birthday, the store invites you for a glass of champagne and to discover the new kitchen setup.

December 1st
Ny Østergade 35
1101 Copenhagen K


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Served, styled, shot & swallowed

iPhones were blitzing non-stop during our foodstyling lunch, but so were photographer Anders Hviid behind his lense in his photo studio. Here is the result of the day served, styled, shot and swallowed on the Vipp ceramics.

Post October 31st   Category Events

Behind the scenes

Live styling & Cooking Workshop

Post October 31st   Category Events

Behind the scenes

Live styling & Cooking Workshop

Post October 30th 2012   Category Events

Making a good first impression with


It was an easy choice finding the chef to take the scene in our live styling & cooking event. Given his extensive experience as chef, having followed his delicious blog and reading his food articles in some of the best food & cooking magazines in Denmark, Mikkel Karstad was an obvious choice to take charge in the Vipp kitchen during the workshop.

Since 1995 Mikkel Karstad has explored the culinary world as chef in Michelin awarded restaurants including La Tante Claire in London, Era Ora in Copenhagen and as gastronomic advisor to Danish star chef Claus Meyer and in recent years as food writer and stylist. He has learned that in cooking there is more than whats meet the eye but that the eye nevertheless plays a key role in the meeting with food.

"My food genre is inspired by different cuisines, but with deep roots in the Nordic, the raw materials from the Nordic countries and seasons.
Through your eyes you get the first contact of a course, so styling of food and the way in which it is served is of extreme importance – if you get a good first impression, you also want to taste the food", Mikkel explains.

The key styling priciple for the workshop was to show all ingredients contained in each recipe. Giving space and air to each ingredient makes the course more approachable and understandable.

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Goodie bag ingredients

After a lunch filled with delicious treats, the goodie bag had to contain a similar standard. So we had collected some of our favorites from the 'fine food' category.

Summerbird provided delicious queen puffs with liqourice, passion fruit and the original dark chocolate. Løv Organic keept us warm with their new blend Løv is Beautiful. Il Fornaio treated us with their Black Full Grain Rice, Organic Primitivo Bread, and their tomato sauce Polpa Di Pomodoro. Raw Bite gave us their award winning raw food bar, Mill & Mortar their salt and honey coated almonds and Vitamin Well their key source for daily vitamins. Finally, Estate Coffee added our favorite beans Tres Flores to the goodie bag.

And Vipp gave away a set of our new espresso cups and glasses.  

Post October 26th   Category Events

Live styling & Cooking Event

Two days ago, the Vipp flagship store in Copenhagen was turned into a culinary workshop where cooking and styling were the main ingredients. 40 journalists and bloggers from Denmark and abroad were invited to explore all of their senses during a Nordic autumn lunch prepared, cooked and styled by chef Mikkel Karstad.

Since 1995 Mikkel Karstad has explored the culinary world as chef in La Tante Claire in London, 3 stars in Guide Michelin, as chef at restaurant Era Ora, 1 star in Guide Michelin, as gastronomic advisor to Claus Meyer and in recent years as food writer and stylist. For two hours Mikkel delighted us with culinary treats from the Nordic cuisine including Danish squid and pumpkin soup, oysters, tartare on rye bread, salt baked sellery with mushrooms and finally baked plums with vanilla icecream and soft caramel. After each serving he presented his take on how to style the recipe and invited the guests to do the same in in our pop-up photo studio run photographer Anders Hviid.

Anders Hviid's experience within the food & living category has taken him from rural Italy to Danish Noma. We also invited all guests to capture the styling with own phones.

Here are some of our snapshots from a very inspiring day with the perfect setting of a rainy fall day in Copenhagen.


Chef Mikkel Karstad
Preparing pumpkin soup with Danish squid
Freshly Baked bread and Il Fornaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Welcome to Mikkel Karstad's Live Cooking School
Soup served with the Vipp milk jug and bowl
Tartare on baked rye bread
Photo studio
Styling in the pop-up photo studio with help from Chief Editor of Dutch Elle Eten, Edine Russel
Salt baked celeriac with mushrooms on Vipp plate
Props table
Delicious tea from Løv Organic
Oyster feast served on the Vipp egg ring
Freshly grinded salt & pepper is essential
Sea buckthorn and pirate queen puffs from Summerbird
Vanilla ice cream, plum, and caramel
The plates of Summerbird chocolate were emptied in seconds
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The Dotted Vipp Bin

by Damien Hirst

The internationally renowned artist Damien Hirst has created a limited edition of the Vipp bin exclusively for Astrup Fearnley Museet.

When Danish craftsman Holger Nielsen created the pedal bin in 1939 it was only intended for his wife’s hairdressing salon. Since then, the small waste bin has been on quite a journey and is now entering the colourful world of the internationally renowned artist Damien Hirst. An exclusive and limited collection will be presented at the opening of Astrup Fearnley Museet in Oslo on the 29th of September. The museum is designed by the architect Renzo Piano and will house some of today’s most important contemporary artists.

Damien Hirst is one of today’s most successful living artist and throughout his career he has won several prestigious prizes incl. the Turner Prize. Damien Hirst became famous for challenging the art world up through the 80’s and 90’s and his controversial works has been discussed by professionals all over the world. One of Damien Hirst’s most discussed pieces, is the “spot painting”, which is created by rows of randomly coloured circles. This is the also the piece of art, which has inspired Damien Hirst in the interpretation of the Vipp bin.

“I’ve always loved colour, playing with colour, moving colours around. Designing a Vipp bin using spots makes the Vipp bin joyful“– Damien Hirst.

A limited number of bins will be sold exclusively from the Astrup Fearnley Museet. Price 3400NOK

Astrup Fearnley Museet
Albert Nordengen plass 2
0125 Oslo, Norway

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Pop-Up Party

in SPRMRKT Amsterdam

We kicked off Dutch Design Week with a party in SPRMRKT to celebrate the opening of the 'As Good As New' shop filled with vintage furniture and the limited edition Vipp series specially customized for SPRMRKT.

More than 100 persons participated in our lottery to win one of the limited edition pedal bins. And the lucky winner was very happy.

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A vintage Vipp is ‘As Good as New’

Limited Edition collection for SPRMRKT

A limited edition of customized vintage Vipp pedal bins will be available in the ‘As Good As New’ pop-up shop in one of Amsterdam’s coolest fashion- and vintage stores SPRMRKT. This collaboration is kick starting Dutch Design Week with brand new second hand design.

Under the motto ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, Vipp collaborated with the new Dutch furniture brand As Good As New to create a pop-up store in SPRMRKT displaying a recycled home where you find the limited edition series of vintage Vipp bins together with a selection of vintage sofas, chairs and lamps all turned ‘As Good As New’ with a environmentally friendly, grey powder coating. Behind the 'As Good As New' furniture concept is Dutch agency Gummo in collaboration with Krimpex Coating Systems and I29 Interior Architects who has realized the installation of the shop in SPRMRKT.

"Everything  in SPRMRKT’s recycled home is covered in a mat, dark grey nuance, which gives the little shop a highly conceptual look with arty vintage furniture mixing in perfectly in SPRMRKT’s high-fashion universe. " - Nelleke Strijkers, owner of SPRMRKT.

The Vipp pedal bin is an object dating back to 1939 when it was created for a hairdressing salon. It soon became an indispensable object in Danish clinics due to its practical pedal-operated function, its ears for easy transport and wide foot granting it stability. “Today, my father’s bin has conquered the heart of design enthusiasts worldwide and this collaboration with SPRMRKT is a way of showing that even a vintage bin, perhaps dating back to the 60’s, can be ‘as good as new’ due to its robust design in solid materials”, says Jette Egelund, owner of Vipp and daughter of Holger Nielsen, creator of the Vipp bin.

The ‘As Good As New’ Vipp limited edition starts from 250 eur. Sold exclusively in SPRMRKT from September 20th



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The Tattooed Vipp Bin by Jean-Luc Moerman

The iconic Vipp pedal bin is now available in a limited edition for SMETS created by Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman known for his application of tattoo art and explosive colour universe.

When Danish craftsman Holger Nielsen created the pedal bin in 1939 it was only intended for his wife’s haidressing salon. Since then, the small waste bin has been on quite a journey and is now entering the vivid world of Jean-Luc Moerman with 30 exclusive editions in two sizes. The limited edition collection will be presented in Smets during Design September Brussels.

For Jean-Luc Moerman this collaboration signifies a new chapter in his art project ‘Connectingthings’ describing the movement of interactivity with which he paints, design and intervene on multiple types of surfaces.

“The principle that drives my work is the continuity of the process, starting in my atelier and exits to reproduce itself on various surfaces – and this time on a Danish design icon, the Vipp pedal bin,” explains Jean-Luc Moerman

With a black and white tattoo on a multicoloured background, Jean-Luc Moerman is giving a 70-year old design object a highly contemporary twist.  The 4 & 30 liter Vipp bin are available in Smets Premium Store Brussels and on from September 13th.

Price: 4 liters 300 EUR, 30 liters 400 EUR

SMETS Premium Store Brussels
650 652 Chaussée de Louvain | B-1030 Bruxelles

Jean-Luc Moerman
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Stops By

BLOG’NHAGEN is a meet-up of design bloggers from around Europe exploring the "best of" Copenhagen: the best bakery, hotel, restaurant, museum, shops.

The one day excursion included a visit to the Vipp Flagship Store.


Visit the Blogn'hagen blog

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Vipp Trashion Week

is adding that little extra something to Copenhagen Fashion Week!

In celebration of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Vipp is dressing up for the occasion with a Trashion Week exhibition at Vipp Flagship Store.

On the catwalk you will experience the original Vipp trash can in couture from among others Christian Lacroix, Talbot Runhof and Annaïk Barbé.

The Vipp bin has previously been interpreted by fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Helena Christensen, Oscar De La Renta and Calvin Klein.

Vipp Trashion Week exhibition will run from the 7th of August – 20th of August.
Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
1100 Copenhagen


Vipp dressed by Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein
Beautified by Philippe Model
Vipp dressed by Chantal Thomas
Vipp dressed by Nigel Barker
Vipp by Helena Christensen
Camilla Stærk
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What to wear

during Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is moving closer, have you decided what to wear?

We have difficulties deciding who to wear: Calvin Klein, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren.... Stop by the Vipp flagship store on Monday to see our fashionable outfits!

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Re-United at the Olympics

Vipp celebrates the Games

Vipp is celebrating the Olympic Games with the 'Re-United' Art Bin by Chilean artist Mauricio Clavero At the Olympic Games in London, the world is once again reunited. The Chilean artist Mauricio Clavero has created the art piece 'Re-United' - a Vipp pedal bin covered with 90 flags made out of Swarowski crystals. More than 60,000 crystals have been used in the creation of the bin, symbolizing a world coming together.

Re-United is a part of "The Louvre Collection" - a collection of 36 unique art works of Vipp bins and soap dispensers with Swarovski crystals installed at the Musée du Louvre. Nine Vipp soap dispensers depicting the metro systems of Tokyo, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Moscow, NY, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Dehli with colourful crystals are also a part of 'The Louvre Collection'.

During the games, Vipp has reunited the four previous Annual Colours in green, red, blue and yellow with black in an interpretation of the Olympic flag.


The Olympic Art Pieces from the Louvre Collection will be exhibited at Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen from July 23rd

Vipp Flagship Store
Ny Østergade 34
1100 Copenhagen

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at Vipp Flagship Store

11 renowned, international bloggers payed a visit to the Vipp flagship store during the Blogn'hagen one-day event.

Equipped with golf carts, the 11 girls were touring the centre of Copenhagen, paying a visit to Royal Copenhagen, Vipp Flagship Store and Agnes Cupcakes. The day finished with a picnic at Islands Brygge.

Learn more about Blog'nhagen & the bloggers

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Minimal Shelving System

for Kitchen and Bathroom

Vipp expands its product family with a minimal shelving system for the kitchen and bathroom. The Vipp shelf is made of a 3mm aluminum plate, stamped out and shaped into a U-form creating two shelf surfaces.

The shelf is mounted with an invisible bracket, providing a floating impression 8mm from the wall and fixed with thumbscrews in brushed stainless steel presenting a subtle detail in both the design and function of the shelf.  

“We have given the shelf an indentation in its two surfaces and equipped them with a washable, silicone mat in order to protect glass and china. Traditional Vipp materials in white or black powder coated aluminum are used to produce the shelves to ensure a visual coherence with the Vipp kitchen and bathroom modules,” explains Chief

The Vipp shelves will be availble in stores from August in 2 sizes 50cm or 100 cm width, black or white.

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Bo Bedre Event

Vipp Flagship Store, Cph

On the 31st of May 2012 Vipp and Bo Bedre invited the readers of Bo Bedre to come and visit us in our Flagship Store in Copenhagen and hear the story about Vipp. One guest went home as the lucky winner of a Vipp laundry bin and everybody got a small bag of Vipp goodies and a lot of lovely food prepared in the newly launched Vipp kitchen. More info on

Mix of pictures
Bo Bedre guests
Vipp kitchen + guests
Lovely food prepared in the Vipp kitchen
Jette telling the Vipp story
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A glimpse of a princess

at the Ambiente

On this year’s Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt something special happened! The Royal Danish Court chose Vipp as one of the Danish exhibitors who had the great pleasure to welcome HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark.

The princess was very interested in each and every of our products. Here she takes a closer look at the Vipp bread bin. Finally Princess Benedikte received a mini Vipp bin for her art collection. What a great day!

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Cocktail in Colette

Launch of the Vipp x colette limited edition

We just returned from a great couple of days in Paris, where Vipp launched the limited edition bin created by artist Kevin Lyons. Paris was summing with people and great design with the kick-off of Paris Design Week and Men's Fashion Week.

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Vipp enters centre court

Vipp enters Centre Court together with other Danish design icons at this year's Danish WTA tournament ’e-Boks Sony Ericson Open’ from 4th -12th of June.

With the objective of decorating a beautiful tennis arena together with other Danish design brands, Vipp has entered a partnership with Nordic Sports Group, who are arranging the WTA-tournament e-Boks Sony Ericsson Open in Farum Arena. Following the success from last year, from Saturday you will again experience the tennis players and judge sitting in white leather Swans from Fritz Hansen, while the classic Vipp bin is at service for the player's empty bottles. Even the towels used during the matches are Danish design from Vipp. The VIP lounge is decorated with Fritz Hansen furniture and porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.

”We are thrilled that the Vipp bin can fulfill its purpose while beautifying the tennis arena together with other design icons,” - Sofie Egelund, Head of PR & Communication in Vipp.


Picture credits: NSG

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To Benefit the Michael Stich Foundation

These creative minds created unique Vipp design for the Michael Stich Foundation:

Christian and Michael Sieger, Doris Dörrie, Franziska van Almsick, Frauke Ludowig, Hadi Teherani, Hubertus Jonas, Kuball & Kempe, Lola Paltinger, Michael Koenig, Michael Michalsky, Nena, Nils Holger Moormann, Nina Ruge, Talbot Runhof, Tim Mälzer, Ulrike Folkerts in collaboration with the artist Katharina Schnitzler and finally Verena Bentele.

The auction raised more than 10,000 € for the Michael Stich Foundation. The auction was conducted with kind support of the auction house


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