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Greetings from Austria

Wiener Wohnsinn

On her blog "Wiener Wohnsinn" Melanie Nedelko from Vienna shares her love for food, interiors and crafts.

This morning we found our ceramics beautifully styled for a healthy brunch. Enjoy!

For more inspiration visit Wiener Wohnsinn

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Guest blogger:

Stefan Nilsson

My design week in Milan – a retrospective

Isaloni - the design week in Milan - is possibly the most exciting time of the year for us design junkies and trend hunters. I love it. I see international brands launch their latest news and established companies talking about their history. It is all about Italian brands like Moroso, German brands like Vitra and American brands like Herman Miller. The design week is absolutely amazing with countless exhibitions and installations.

For a trend hunter like me, this is where I pick up new styles, like the crazy flirt with the 80’s we just saw, or the mix and match­-theme curated by Rossana Orlandi at one of the city’s museums.

Isaloni basically peaks with the Elle Decoration International Design Awards at the end of the week. An event with design stars, celebrities and champagne. A bit like the design industry’s version of the Oscars.  Of course, I was there. And this is an opportunity to measure our Scandinavian position. How is our part of the world doing?

Sitting in the audience at an old Milanese theatre the anticipation is enormous. Out of a handful awards Scandinavia got five. Five!!! Amazing. The whole Scandinavian posse was applauding and cheering when Swedish design studio Front won acclaim for their cabinet for Porro, and of course Fritz Hansen and Kvadrat got their awards.

But one of the longest rounds of applause was for Vipp when they were awarded the best kitchen solution. Boffi, Poggenpohl or even IKEA did not produce the best international kitchen solution. It was Vipp.

And on stage came a woman saying that the origin of the best kitchen solution came from a hair dresser’s bin. And she didn’t forget to mention that this bin was invented 75 years ago.

Scandinavia is one of the most design oriented regions of the world. Some of the most important design icons have been produced here, and obviously still are. I love the Scandinavian combination of functionality, innovation, reduced aesthetics and clean lines. And Scandinavian design is all about making daily life just a little bit better. Just like the bins from Vipp. And I do understand why an international audience admires this.

I got my first Vipp item only a few years ago. I have a paper bin next to my Bisazza covered mosaic wall – in my summer house in the Stockholm archipelago far away from the parties in Milan. Perhaps a typical Scandinavian approach. Good design in a nice environment, but never forget the place where you come from.


Stefan Nilsson is a Swedish trendexpert occurring regularly on television, radioand in newspapers. Constantly on the move hesearches fornew trends in decor, design, fashion, food and other things we dream of.



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Ceramics in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

found at 'coco lapine design'

Sarah, a Berlin based designer and founder of the blog coco lapine design, inspires with her passion for graphic and interior design.

One of her latest styling projects took place in the residential area Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. We are happy that our ceramics also are part of Sarah's beautiful work. Take a look and get inspired, klick here 

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Delicious recipes and tasteful stylings

Our Food Stories

Laura & Nora, a photographer and a foodstylist, blog about food and design. On their blog you'll find glutenfree, histamine low, vegetarian and vegan recipes styled in the most delicate ways... and from time to time on Vipp ceramics. Visit the two girls from Berlin on ourfoodstories

Photos: Our Food Stories
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Guest blogger

Mr. Walnut Grey

Vipp'ing love my bin
by Gerard McGuickin aka Mr. Walnut Grey

Vipp celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. What an incredible tale this enduring Danish design establishment has to tell. The Vipp that we see today emerged from a practical rubbish bin that was built in 1939 by its founder, Holger Nielsen, for his wife Marie’s hair salon.

In my considered opinion, Vipp makes the world’s greatest bins. All too often, bins, clearly designed to contain rubbish, are treated in the same manner. The Vipp bin is different. Firstly, it’s a design classic. Secondly, whilst its functional objective is to house rubbish, its physical manifestation is a beautiful one. Thirdly, it is a common occurrence that bins must be hidden from view, concealed in cupboards and under kitchen sinks. With a Vipp bin, there is a patent yearning to showcase its form, to embrace it as part of the make-up of a given space - the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, storeroom et cetera. The Vipp bin is as much an object of desire as many of its classic design contemporaries.

I received my first Vipp bins in 2005; they were a housewarming present from my parents. I can still remember the excitement in choosing the bins - a Vipp 16 and two Vipp 13s - and the anguish of having to wait several weeks for their arrival. Nevertheless, they were worth waiting for and nine years later continue to store my rubbish with elegant grace. My most recent Vipp bin (an addition, not a replacement), was a Vipp 15 in Copenhagen Green. A firm believer that a well chosen colour accent adds a level of urbanity to a space, my Vipp 15 is wholly congruent with the grey wall against which it sits in my living area.

Good design truly is aesthetic (as espoused by acclaimed industrial designer Dieter Rams). The Vipp bin’s aesthetic quality is, I believe, integral to the way in which it impacts positively upon my person and well-being. My Vipp bins are part of my everyday reality and I often feel a sense of satisfaction in using them. When design is innovative, easy to understand, useful, long-lasting and a part of the person’s own sense of self-expression, then it will enhance the way in which we live.

As a family company, I value that Vipp works to ensure there is a tangible link between today’s Vipp products and its history. It was from Holger Nielsen’s early utilitarian and functional concept that Vipp’s DNA was born. Holger’s classic bin design is a part of the fabric of Vipp; his legacy is embraced by the company and instilled in everything it produces. Kasper Egelund, Vipp’s CEO and Holger’s grandson, expresses this legacy as one “of good craftsmanship, quality materials and honest design.”

I was excited to visit Vipp’s Copenhagen flagship store in June last year as part of a select European bloggers collective. During that visit, I had the pleasure of hearing Sofie Egelund, Head of Communication and Holger Nielsen’s granddaughter, tell the story of Vipp in her words. Listening to Sofie’s reflections on her grandfather made everything I knew about Vipp feel all the more genuine and tangible, adding yet more kudos to my beloved Vipp bins.

Happy 75 years Vipp! x

Gerard McGuickin is a freelance design writer and a blogger for his online zine, Walnut Grey Design. He writes intelligently about ‘good design’ from the viewpoint of interiors, architecture, objects and lifestyle. Gerard has a specialist interest in modern contemporary and midcentury Nordic and British design.

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. III

'My favorite egg dish'

Eggs, bacon, toast, a muffin pan and the Vipp ceramic brunch set are the ingredients in Stephanie Duval's Vipp Breakfast Club pt. III where she shares her favorite egg dish.

"It's never too early for my favorite egg dish. This is what I usually do - I cut some circles from toast (the Vipp coffee cups were the perfect size, coincidentally). I melt some butter in a pan and soak the toast circles in them on both sides (hey, I never said this would a light dish!), and afterwards I put the buttered circles in a muffin pan (mine's from hema). Make sure to press the toast into the pan a little bit, to make room for the eggs and bacon. on top of each toast, i sprinkle some pieces of bacon that I’ve fried for a short time in a pan. On top of the bacon comes one egg, be careful not to break the yolk. I usually have too much egg white to fit in one muffin cup, so I get rid of the excess.

No need to season these muffins with salt (as the bacon is already pretty salty), but I do add some pepper before they go in the oven (I put it on 150°c / 300°f) until the egg white has become solid. It took some trial and error to find the right temperature for the egg yolk to remain liquid and the egg white to become solid, so you might want to tweak the temperature to your oven, too. I used the Vipp brunch set to present this dish, accompanied by the Vipp milk jug" - Stephanie Duval, 70PercentPure

Source -

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. II

Back to the classics

A decent soft boiled egg and a cup of freshly ground, black coffee are the ingredients in Vipp Breakfast Club part II by Stephanie Duval from 70percentpure. It’s all about keeping it simple and returning to the good old breakfast classics.

“It's the small and simple things that make me happy. The smell of freshly ground coffee, the pleasure of dipping a piece of toast in a soft boiled egg, or the luxury of using truffled sea salt instead of regular salt on an otherwise uneventful weekday. somehow, treating yourself to those little pleasures in the morning makes the prospect of a long day of hard work much less stressful.” - Stephanie Duval.

“For the second instalment of my breakfast club with Danish design brand Vipp i decided not to use any specific or terribly original recipe, but to stick to the classics. When I have a lot of traveling on my schedule, I like to keep things simple at home. Especially since in the states it's nearly impossible to order a decent soft boiled egg at a restaurant, and besides, it wouldn't look nearly as appealing as it does on the vipp ceramic brunch set. Seriously, how wonderful are those bubble shaped plates? They make me itch to find cute ways to present food, and they go really well with the little bowls i used for my yogurt and granola breakfast a while ago." – Stephanie Duval

This classic breakfast is served on Vipp ceramic plate, Vipp egg ring, Vipp coffee cup.

Source: 70percentpure

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Vipp Breakfast Club pt. I

by 70percentpure

Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. There's not an egg dish on earth she hasn’t tried. She loves New York because of its fanatical love affair with breakfast. On top of this, she is a self-proclaimed breakfast superstar who can actually cook. Stephanie Duval is the name behind the blog 70percentpure where she sets out to share her favorite kind of breakfast served on, prepared and styled with the Vipp ceramics collection, hence the name Vipp Breakfast Club.

“I wanted to kick off this series with my current obsession for granola because it is honestly all i can seem to talk about lately. ever since i tried the lovely louise de brabandere's thursday dinners recipe, i've been hooked. i love her combination of spices and sea salt that make the mix of oats, seeds and nuts so interesting and full of flavor. for my version i added some more ingredients i had lying around the house, like flax, pumpkin and poppy seeds.” – Stephanie Duval

“It is so easy to make, and baking the granola makes our apartment smell like christmas. I always make a big batch so that it'll last us a while, and combined with greek yogurt it is my breakfast of choice for mornings that are all about inspiration reading and preparing creative projects. on this particular morning, i had it with an almond milk-banana smoothie with fresh vanilla (blend it with some ice cubes to make it taste super refreshing).” – Stephanie Duval.

The granola is served in Vipp ceramics bowl and coffee in a Vipp ceramics tea cup.

Source: 70percentpure

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Style your new years table

Set your new years table with ceramics from Vipp like our favorite bloggers have done. Which setting is your favourite? Vote for it by liking the photo on instagram or facebook.

Instagram @vippdotcom

Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit:
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
Styling & photo credit :
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Vipp15 big in German "Brigitte Woman"

The German women’s magazine ”Brigitte Woman” features the story about the Vipp15 pedal bin – and why this is the one bin, that makes it fun to dispose of your trash. Thank you very much!

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Great review of the Vipp salt and pepper mill

In this month's issue of the Danish cooking magazine, Gastro, the Vipp salt and pepper mill received fine critics for its function, design and overall quality. We are thankful for the words and hope all our customers have the same experience when using the kitchen tool.

Quotes from the review: ”Her er intet overladt til tilfældighederne. Det stringente og maskuline formsprog kompletteres af udsøgt materialevalg […]. Her er et produkt, man virkelig kan gå på detaljeopdagelse i […]. Alt sammen udført med næsten autistisk fornemmelse for detalje og bearbejdning. Kværnene fra Vipp er ikke billige. Til gengæld får man svært ved at finde et produkt af højere kvalitet.”

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Keep your Desktop

Clean & Green

Have you seen the Vipp mega bin on its tour around Copenhagen? It's a huge reminder for city-dwellers to keep their city clean. Now, we invite you to share the green message and at the same time keep your desktop clean and green with a mini digital Vipp – ready to download for your Mac or PC.

Click here to download your green digital Vipp for your Mac or PC desktop

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Instagram Favorites

#regram #thanksforsharing #vipp

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Frame Magazine

Facing Copenhagen's Eco Challenge

This month, Frame magazine shows how companies face the huge eco challenge of keeping their cities green and clean.

"Copenhagen faces the arduous task of becoming the cleanest city in Europe by 2015. To highlight this mammoth mission, Vipp has (literally) risen to the challenge by upscaling one of its standard bins eightfold. Complete with a supersize pedal, Vipp’s bin is a fun reminder to the city’s citizens to keep Copenhagen clean". - Enya Moore, Frame Magazine

via Frame magazine

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Good Morning

with Vipp Ceramics

We found this image on Pinterest and suddenly a solid breakfast served on quality ceramics felt ever more intriguing.

Breakfast is served on the Vipp plate, bowl, egg ring and coffecup. Discover more here

Follow Vipp on Pinterest

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at Vipp Flagship Store

11 renowned, international bloggers payed a visit to the Vipp flagship store during the Blogn'hagen one-day event.

Equipped with golf carts, the 11 girls were touring the centre of Copenhagen, paying a visit to Royal Copenhagen, Vipp Flagship Store and Agnes Cupcakes. The day finished with a picnic at Islands Brygge.

Learn more about Blog'nhagen & the bloggers

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Portraits from above

Can you find the Vipp?

German photographer Menno Aden has shot a series of Berlin interiors from an unconventional viewpoint: looking down from the ceiling. The Room Portraits include a bar, a classroom, a shoe shop, a supermarket, a car park and an apartment. Can you find the Vipp?

In each instance the camera was positioned in the centre of the ceiling to create an image that appears flattened and abstracted. Through challenging camera angles Menno Aden abstracts most familiar actual living environments and public interiors into flattened two-dimensional scale models.

Via Dezeen

Via Dezeen
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Happy birthday!

Retail Design Blog

Vipp congratulates Retail Design Blog with its one years anniversary. At the same time we wish to thank you for sharing our Flagship store with your readers.

Click on the picture below to visit Retail Design Blog.

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In love with a pepper mill

One of the world's finest food critics, Bruno Verjus, has fallen in love with the Vipp pepper mill. That is what he states on his blog FoodIntelligence.

In his blogpost 'Connaisez-vous Vipp?' he explains how he uses a black, white and red pepper grinder for respecitively a Sarawak black pepper, a né bianco né nero di Sarawak varietale Kuching pepper, and finally a Nepalese pepper with a hint of citrus and grapefruit.

The Vipp story takes its point of departure in the professional market, therefore we always love when professional enthusiasts choose Vipp products because of its functionlity.

You can learn more about the Vipp pepper grinder here


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Inspiration across brands...

We love this German blog

The team behind the German blog "die Möbelfreunde" is making a comparison, which we are very proud of.

Take a look at the blog here and find the iPhone!


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The blogosphere is embracing the digital Vipp

The digital Vipp bin has conquered the blogosphere. NotCot, MocoLoco, FastCo Design, DesignNotes and Marie Claire Maison are some of the sites that are spreading the word of how to dispose of your trash in a new stylish way.

The Vipp desktop icon has been installed on more than 6000 computers worldwide. It can also be yours - click here to download


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