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Making of...

Vipp ceramics

Anne-Mette Kissow, the designer of the ceramics, produced the first prototypes here in Copenhagen. However, the main production had to be set up in China, which proved to be quite a challenge, because of differences in humidity, water quality and the composition of the raw materials.

It took a lot of research finding the right manufacturer and the right balance of ingredients, to achieve the quality standards we were looking for.
Today, Vipp ceramics are hand made by skilled artisans in a small family owned workshop located halfway between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

On the images below you see how the ceramics are glazed on the inside and water polished by hand on the outside. Each piece is a result of a thorough process from which it obtains a soft surface with a matte look.

Available here

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Making of...

Miniature pedal bin

Vipp is re-launching the miniature model of Holger Nielsen's original Vipp15 pedal bin that despite its shortcomings in size (6 x 10 cm) remains fully functional.

While built in scale 1:5 the miniature Vipp has a an operational pedal and remains true to the design of the full size bin – both in proportions and choice of materials; stainless steel and rubber.

It takes a lot of craftmanship to built these small bins - and it actually takes more time to built a mini than an ordninary bin. Here you get a glimpse of how it is made.

Available here 

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Completely Hooked

on Valentine’s Day

Vipp spreads the love from the Vipp Flagship Store in Copenhagen where the new Vipp suction hook is attached to the window forming a giant heart connected by pink thread.

Did you know that: The Danish Technological Institute has tested the adherence and weight ability of the Vipp Suction Hook and proved that it can carry 1000g of weight without loosening its grip or sliding downwards?

Learn more about the new Vipp Suction Hook

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The Story of

The Hilton Bin

Did you know that the original Vipp pedal bin actually got a little brother in 1967? The Hilton bin was created in 1967 in Holger Nielsen’s metal workshop and was given the name Hilton inspired by the famous skyscraper hotels and its roof-looking, swinging lid. The bin was one of Holger Nielsen’s bestsellers in the 70s.

The advertisement is from the late 1960s targeted towards the professional market who valued a fire-proof bin in workshops and factories etc. The Hilton went out of production after 20 years as Vipp started focusing more and more on the private market who preferred the original bin. However, it can still be found in Tivoli in Copenhagen consuming all the used tickets. Our engineer found one of the very first models in our warehouse, posing elegantly in his backyard.   

Advertisement from the late 1960s / Holger Nielsen & his wife's Marie
A vintage Hilton bin from our warehouse
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Making of the Vipp Campaign

Spring 2012

Making of the Vipp advertising campaign 2012 involved a lot of string, a latter, water, soap bubbles, a couple of baguettes and salt & pepper. Making the Vipp universe appear weightless proved quite the challenge. But we love the result.


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