Trivet 2 pcs. |


Trivet 2 pcs.

The Vipp trivet set consists of a small and a large trivet fitted into each other. Sprockets in the laser-cut steel trivets are fitted with heat resistant silicone rubber profiles. The Vipp trivet set is dishwasher-proof.

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Inspired by toothed wheels

The inspiration for the design came from toothed wheels characterized by fit and solid materials. The result is a set of trivets in durable materials with clear references to other products in the portfolio.

Staying power

Steel study

Since 1939, steel has been a central component in Vipp products. Stainless steel brings functionality, durability, and aesthetic quality to the Vipp product range. It provides easy-to-clean surfaces and can withstand the test of time.

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Stainless steel, silicone. View care instructions


Ø: 15.3 cm, 20 cm