In the photographer's studio |


In the photographer's studio

Østerbro, Denmark

Working out of a remodeled factory in Copenhagen, photographer Anders Hviid gives us a peek behind the scenes of a photographer’s studio. He has opted for a photogenic kitchen but one that is not just for show.

Meet the man behind the camera

No stranger to finding creative inspiration in his day-to-day surroundings, 41-year-old photographer Anders Hviid has set up his studio in an old industrial building in Copenhagen. Having worked as a photographer for more than 20 years, Anders first got the taste of his craft when borrowing his father’s camera as a child. Whether working on projects with long-time client Vipp or teaching the tricks of the trade to photographer students, Anders Hviid’s work aims to seduce the eye of the beholder. Here, he discusses the value and inspiration he draws from his everyday surroundings.

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