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Rack, tall

The Vipp rack is a modular shelving system available in four configurations. This is the tall version of the rack system and it comes with five shelves. The tall rack can be extended with the Vipp rack extension, tall.

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USD 3,999.00

Product variations: 


Industrially tooled

Inspired by the industrial shelving systems of many hobby rooms, the Vipp rack is industrially tooled in classic Vipp powder-coated steel and aluminium.


Aesthetically refined

Though functionality takes center stage, the light tactility of the ceramic shelves adds an aesthetic ease to the Vipp rack.



Keeping uneven floors in mind, the Vipp rack is equipped with set screws in stainless steel to ensure stability.

Room for storage

With a height that corresponds the tall Vipp kitchen modules, the tall rack adds a light touch to kitchen-side storage.


Float on

Adding a lightweight characteristic to the sturdy shelving system, the delicate ceramic shelves float seamlessly next to the frame.

Product details


Powder-coated steel and aluminium, stainless steel, ceramic shelf top. View care instructions


H x L x D: 78.9 x 47.2 x 18 in


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